When you’re designing your website, you do need to be as creative as possible with the style, the content, and the design. By being creative, your site is going to look more unique online. It’s going to be different from all the other sites out there, and this is exactly what you want. If you achieve a high level of creativity and use original concepts on your site customers will reward you. You will see increases in traffic, more shares and higher conversions on your site. Why is this? Quite simply, your site will be something that is fresh and exciting. As such, customers will want to be part of it.

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Get Creative

Let’s make one thing clear. If you want your site to be creative, you can’t use a design model that already exists. There are plenty of website builders that offer a variety of premade designs. The issue with this is that even if you dress it up and change details the foundation will still be the same. There will be other sites that have already used it and so somewhere that design exists online. Instead, build a design from scratch. It’s possible to do this with the help of a pro web designer. If you want to DIY the design, that’s great. One of the best ways to do this is to look at the pre-made designs that we mentioned. Think about how they are laid out and then use the basics to create your own.

Use A Variety Of Content

Variety is the spice of life. You want to give customers visiting your site a wide selection of different things to peruse and explore. As such, don’t just focus on one type of content for your site. Use infographics, visuals, pictures, text and video. You may even want to include some gifs and animations. It depends on the type of site that you’re trying to create. Don’t worry if it looks different when compared with other sites that you have seen online. That’s the whole point, you want it to feel fresh. It might seem weird at first, but eventually, the unique feel of your site will pay off in a big way.

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Don’t Stifle Creativity

You have to be aware that some features for your site will make it look less original and more bland or uninspired. One example would be adding SEO content to your site. While SEO is important, it has to be natural. You need it be subtle and not at all apparent to site visitors. You can do this by using a professional SEO service. Using a pro team, you can make sure that your SEO doesn’t distract from the creative design that you have worked hard to create.

Check Performance

Finally, you might be interested in finding out how your new creative design has measured up. Are customers responding in the way you’d hoped? You can find out with an A-B test. Using this testing, you can run both versions at the same time. In doing so, you will be able to keep high levels of creativity on the site while altering it to match consumer preferences and hit the target market.


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