Have you ever wondered why sometimes your email deliverability rates are low even though you’ve sent well-crafted campaigns? It might be because of the relay server your email service uses. Using a free mailing service can be disadvantageous to email marketers because these free servers send high volumes of emails every day.

The more users and emails they send, the higher the margin of error for the sending process. That’s why it’s highly suggested that you use SMTP relay instead of a free mailing service to ensure high email deliverability rates. Read on to know more about SMTP relay and the various advantages it can provide for email marketing.

What Is SMTP Relay?

SMTP means Simple Transfer Mail Protocol. It’s a transmission protocol that uses designated servers when sending or receiving emails from one person to another. To explain it more simply, SMTP relay works like the standard post office service.

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Think of an SMTP relay server as a post office. Before your receiver receives your email, your message goes to your SMTP relay server first. Then, your relay server sends your email to the relay server of your receiver before it appears in their inboxes.

Here Are More Advantages Of Using SMTP Relay

Using SMTP relay is a must for new email marketers. It’s easy to do, affordable, and allows you to compete with seasoned email marketers in your niche. Read on to discover more benefits of using an SMTP relay.

1. Enables high volume sending

Using a free email service can benefit your email marketing campaigns for a start because it significantly cuts campaigning costs. However, as your mailing list grows, you’ll find it difficult to keep in contact with all your customers because a free email service has a low daily sending cap.

But by using SMTP relay services, your daily sending cap is significantly increased at an affordable price. Most services start at $25 a month for 50,000 emails compared to the 500/day sending limit for regular emails.

2. Protects the IP reputation of your business

The success of campaign deliveries depends highly on the reputation of a business’s internet protocol (IP) reputation. An SMTP relay service protects this reputation by greatly reducing the chances of your campaigns being labelled as spam as well as minimizing the possibility of any type of spam transferring from your server to your receivers’.

3. Lets mobile app developers send emails

Mobile app developers need to send automated emails to their users for transactional, security, and support purposes. If these app developers don’t use SMTP relay, they might lose plenty of users because their transactional messages arrive late or are sent with mistakes due to delivery problems.

Worse, user data might be compromised because email sending is done manually. Because SMTP relay services are easy to integrate into any system, they allow app developers to send transactional messages to their users automatically.

If your business is in the niche of mobile application development, using an SMTP relay would greatly benefit your company. Why? Because you show your users that you greatly value data security and their overall user experience.

4. Increased deliverability rate through dedicated IP addresses

As a new email marketer, you need to establish your sender’s reputation through IP warming in order to increase the deliverability rates of your campaigns. But that could really take time because you need to gradually increase your daily sending volume.

This leaves your other customers in the dark especially if you have a rapidly growing mailing list or have thousands of customers waiting to read your campaigns daily. Using an SMTP relay service helps you skip this process.

The IP addresses of SMTP relay servers already have a built reputation, helping you make your campaigns land in your customers’ inboxes and out of the spam box even if you don’t have a sender’s reputation yet.

5. SMTP relays saves time and guarantees correct mail delivery

Delivery errors are common especially if you send your campaigns manually. And it can take a lot of your time to figure out why your email to find out why your campaigns got rejected, bounced, blocked, ignored, sent to the spam box, or sent to the wrong recipient.

SMTP relays automatically sort out these delivery issues. This gives you more time to monitor your campaign metrics or compose highly personalized marketing campaigns for other list segmentations.

6. SMTP relays are easy to integrate into your email marketing tool

Speaking of integration, SMTP services are very easy to use and connect to any system. It doesn’t matter what email marketing tools you use. All you have to do is retrieve some credentials from your SMTP relay interface and enter them into your marketing platform. There’s no need for developer-level tinkering. It’s all basic installation and some copy-pasting.

Why Connect Your SMTP Relay To An Email Marketing Platform?

An SMTP relay service may only be a tool for receiving and sending emails. But this tool adds important features to your email marketing platform that makes your entire marketing experience easier.

One is that SMTP relays provide more accurate metrics when it comes to engagement and deliverability rates. These metrics are very important if you want to know when your customers prefer to receive your campaigns, where they live, which type of content interests them, which doesn’t, and what encourages them to take action.

If you were to find out your metrics without SMTP and email marketing platform integration, it would eat up a lot of your time because everything has to be done manually. Whereas if you connect your SMTP and marketing tool, your marketing tool will do most of the calculating based on the data taken from the SMTP relay and all you have to do is view the information you want.

To Sum Up

An SMTP relay service is a separate feature that every email marketer should have along with a good email marketing platform. It is a service that drives business growth by increasing email marketing success. And it does this by improving deliverability rates, saving time, money, allowing large campaign volume sending, and providing accurate campaign analytics.


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