People often talk about creativity as though it is a mysterious thing that you must wait to be visited by, but this is really not the case. There are many things you can do to spark and enhance your creativity, and the four tips below can help.

Show Up

One of the best ways to boost your creativity is to show up for it on a regular schedule. Whether you are trying to write a novel, start a business or paint enough pictures to have a showing at a gallery, put time in your calendar each day to work on your project. For some, especially those with families, this might be an hour in the morning before everyone wakes up. If you have an irregular schedule because you do shift work or have other obligations, you should still try to consistently set aside time most days. What you are doing is training the creative part of your brain to kick in on schedule. While it might not be effective at first, over time, you will find that when you show up, inspiration does as well.

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Get Moving

In contrast to the previous suggestion, another great way to flex your creative muscle is actually to do something else entirely. Going for a walk or engaging in another physical activity is a great way to get past a block, and although it's not always possible, doing so outside is especially conducive to inspiration. If you haven't been active for a while or have mobility issues, you may want to consider an eBike. As long as you aren't trying to go fast or up hills, an eBike eliminates the need to pedal or can cut way back on the pedaling that you have to do. You can still get a lot of the inspirational benefits of riding a conventional bike while using one.

Make Notes

One reason that people often think of inspiration as something they cannot control is because it can sometimes come out of nowhere. Therefore, you should make a point of always having a way to quickly make notes when a great idea occurs to you. Even though you think you will remember, you often will not. This might be a notebook, or you could make notes on your phone. You could also use the voice memo on your phone if you prefer.

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Fill the Well

This is an expression people often use to describe refueling your mind so that you can be more creative. Creative burnout can happen just like any other kind of burnout, and sometimes, what you need more than anything is not to try to generate more ideas but to absorb others' ideas. What fills your well may vary. Maybe it's reading great books, watching great films or doing something physical. Reading inspiring biographies or books or articles on business success may do it for some. For others, it might mean a complete change of scenery. You might just need a vacation. Set a certain amount of time for refilling your well, and then try some of the above exercises again.


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