We have something we want to tell you, something that, at best, will sound like a bold claim and, at worst, sound so alien you may well start to question our sanity and recommend we step away from our desk for a little bit.

Anyway, here goes: when it comes to making sales, creativity is more important than any other skill.

We know what you are thinking, being able to sell is the most important skill. It is knowing how to talk in a way that makes people stop and listen. It is becoming a Master of Commerce and understanding the complex world of doing deals. It is being a good networker that guarantees success. And, yes, all of these are absolutely crucial, but we are sticking to our guns on this one.

Don’t worry, we’re going to explain ourselves. So, without further ado, here are some reasons why we believe creativity is the best seller:

creative girl

Standing Out From The Crowd

Having an idea, an approach or a strategy that lets you stand out from the rest of the competition is seriously significant these days. We all remember that person at school who wasn’t afraid to dress a bit bolder or do things a little differently, but everyone else, meh, who knows. Different is good, different is desirable, different makes your brand stand out, different requires creativity. It could be dressing up like the Statue of Liberty to sell a tax preparation service, or it could be wielding a sign on a busy street offering pizzas for $4.99. You will stand out, and that is what wins business.

Inspiring The Interested

When a creative person has a moment of genius, when the light bulb flicks on and an idea pops into their heads, they tend to share these ideas with such passion and effervescence that clients tend to latch on and want to run with it. So long as the client is at the “interested stage” in the process, by which we mean actively seeking inspiration and looking for an idea that will break away from the mold. That is where creative thinkers really come into their own, talking enthusiastically about their vision. This sells more than the uninspired alternative of, “but this works, we’ve done it a thousand times before.” Trust us on that.

Nothing Beats Quick Thinking

One of the trademarks of being creative is being able to think fast on your feet. How can this be of great importance? Well, just think about it. You’ve no doubt been in a room where plan A got dismissed and eyes start to roll. That’s when the creative person in the room saves the day, throwing in ideas off the cuff, explaining ideas that were never discussed or, better yet, turning a negative into a positive. We heard a story about a logo being designed for a client by a design client. They had left the design to a junior, but no one vetted their attempt before the client meeting. At the unveiling, there was a long pause before the client said, “you’ve changed our name from 123 Consulting to 123 Consultants. That’s when the creative director stepped in and said, “Yes. Consulting is what you do but consultants, now this is who you are.” They bought it.


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