You might be surprised to hear that colors can influence the way you feel and behave. Colors can dig into human psychology and change people’s emotions and resulting actions.

color psychology 101

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This is why brands take careful consideration when choosing their brand colors. The specific color combination that they use in their logos and promotional tools can influence consumer behavior in a number of ways, and this can impact the brand’s overall success.

Color psychology is fascinating. It’s a huge field of study and it can be applied to a range of situations, not just in branding and marketing. Whether you’re creating digital designs using vista create or physical promotional tools using ink-stained papers, choosing the right colors helps you to reflect the right message to your viewers.

In this article, we’re going to delve deeper into color psychology. We’ll start with an overview of what it is before detailing how each color can evoke certain emotions.

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the study of the emotional effects of colors and how different colors can impact your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

color psychology

illustration by geometrieva

There is a lot of research that confirms the idea that colors influence human psychology at a deep level. They can even cause physiological changes, such as changing your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate.

What Emotions and Behaviors Do Colors Differently Promote?

Let’s break down each color and which emotions and feelings they evoke.

colour psychology

illustration by geometrieva


Different shades of blue evoke different emotions. Light blue is closely associated with calmness, trust, and innocence. It’s ideal when you want to build trust in your audience and make them feel safe and secure.

Darker shades of blue convey professionalism and formality. Shades like navy and dark blue are great to promote maturity and security in your audience. These shades are great to mix with lighter colors to catch the eye.


Green can evoke hope, tranquility, and renewal. It’s a relaxing color that makes viewers feel energized, calm, and refreshed. It’s also perfect for brands focused on sustainability and nature.


For the evocation of positive emotions, yellow is the perfect color. It is bright, eye-catching, and youthful. It has the ability to make people feel spontaneous and optimistic.


Red is a passionate and fiery color. It can be intense and eye-catching and can evoke feelings of danger or excitement. It’s the perfect color for brands that want to capture people’s attention and make their audience feel immediately energized.


Orange is a warm and energetic color. It’s similar to yellow in that it can evoke positive emotions and feelings. All shades of orange can make a brand appear friendly and enthusiastic, which can help them to build a trusting relationship with their consumers.


Purple is a popular color in brands that want to convey luxury and royalty. It’s a creative and vibrant color that inspires people’s imaginations. In some cases, it can reflect mystery and excitement.


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