Are you ready to start thinking about promoting your new business online? Then it’s time to get creative. The fact is that there are countless business sites online, eager for the attention of the same customers. Without a little creativity, your business is going to end up on the very bottom of the pile. It will be forgotten, get lost, and become a dead space online. You’ll get no traffic, no visitors and most importantly of all, no sales. It’s a problem and one that we’re going to resolve right now with some cool promotional ideas.

Make Your Landing Page A Treat

The first thing your customers are going to see when they visit your site is the landing page. If you have one set up of course, and it’s important that this part of your site feels exciting and fresh. You can also make it a lot of fun too. There’s a whole range of ways to change your landing page to make it more interesting for users. But one of the best possibilities is adding a few little animations. These can be interactive or they can play automatically when someone lands on the site. So, you might be setting up a website for a mechanic for a mechanic company. If that’s the case, you might want a small animation of a car being fixed by a little man. Or, perhaps you’re running an IT site. You could have a funny cartoon of a computer crashing and an office man in despair. You can even get the site to interact with their computer. For instance, it might change the mouse on the screen to a different graphic. Anything like this is sure to get attention from customers. But, it’s important that you do still ensure the site is operating fast and effectively.

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Plan Some Goals

You need to make sure that you know what you want to achieve with your business website. This is going to be crucial when you work on marketing your business website. Once you tell them, they will start to build a campaign around these ideas and targets. It might be worth putting the goals up somewhere in your business office. This will act as a motivational tool and remind people what you’re hoping to achieve when adding new content or information to the site. As such, by planning the goals of your site out, you can get everyone on the same page.

Engage And Excite

Finally, you can think about engaging your customers online in creative ways. For instance, you can encourage them to take part in discussions on social media. Or ask them to comment on different content that you have added to the site. You might even want to think about using cool, clever or fun infographics to encourage debate on a topic. Anything that stimulates your customers is going to generate interest in your business.

Good luck with using some of these creative ideas to boost the performance of your new company.


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