Smartphones have totally revolutionised creativity, just as they have for so many other aspects of life. Their increasingly sophisticated photo and video functions have given everyone the opportunity to be amateur photographers, while their communication functions have allowed ideas to be shared more easily than ever.

Another area in which that have boosted creativity is through the app. There are now a host of creative apps available, while mobile app builder services have allowed people to create and share their own apps. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the top creative apps available on the market today.

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Gravity Sketch

For artists and doodlers across the world, this one is pretty special. Film-makers and designers have long experimented with the three dimensional world, but this app allows people to bring their ideas to life in a way like never before. You can draw your ideas on a tablet computer simply by using your fingers on the screen. Next, you can share your idea with others, view it through an augmented reality device or send it to a 3D printer. As this technology develops, you could find yourself drawing something one minute and holding it in your hand the next.

Adobe Spark

Made by the famous company which has offered so many creative software products in the past, Spark has been designed for the amateur designer in all of us. In the modern world, visual content is becoming more and more important. While this is not really aimed at the professionals, it makes life a lot easier for those of us who are looking to create some simple content like social media graphics or newsletters. You can even create animate content complete with a voiceover.

Moleskine Notes

This app has brought the stationery company we all know and love into the modern age. Many creative types will have used Moleskine products for writing and drawing. Now they have a smart writing set, which consists of a physical notebook for all your scribblings and sketches, a smart pen that monitors your movements, and an app so you can see everything in digital form. You can transfer them over to your phone or tablet in real time for added fun.


Monogram has been aimed solely at creative professionals looking to create a digital portfolio. The app is for photographers, illustrators and designers, using a tile-based system so you can build up a collection of images, links text and any other content you think will be relevant. This can be viewed both online and offline so it is always ready and waiting for when you may need to show it to an interviewer or prospective client.


If you have a myriad of different ideas scattered about all over the place, Paper may be the app for you. It allows you to connect notes, sketches and photos in one place, acting like the digital equivalent of a pin board. You can make quick adjustments where you need to, providing clarity to your thoughts. If your mind is a mess of creation, Paper is the way to get all of that tidied up.

Font Candy

This is the ultimate way to create captions and overlay them onto your existing photos. The various hand-picked fonts are perfect for bringing some of your pictures to life, while it also includes a camera with timer so you can shoot selfies. After you have finished editing, you can then share these photos onto social media.


If you are a designer who is stuck for ideas, Assembly gives you the opportunity to create beautiful imagery using an array of different shapes - 180 to be precise. These can form larger designs on top of either a plain backdrop or preexisting image. Though this may seem simplistic, it does give you a chance to create some pretty exciting designs.

Filmic Pro

For both amateur and more experienced filmmakers alike, Filmic Pro deals with a lot of the issues people have with standard smartphone cameras. With a myriad of different features, you can simply create videos that are sharper and more fast paced. If you’re filming scenes with a lot of motion in them, this is the app for you.

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With new apps coming out at a rapid pace, creative types are never going to be short of tools to help them in their work. These are just a few that show you how technology and creativity continue to go hand in hand.


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