It can be said without exaggeration that IT and development have taken over the world within the last two decades or so. While only about 50 years ago, kids were dreaming about becoming firemen, policemen, and doctors, modern children often dream of becoming programmers. And for many, that dream comes true. App and web development are currently in very high demand, so entering the market is relatively easy. Yet, developing one’s project can be pretty challenging and cause someone a lot of stress and pain.

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The Cruel World of Development

While the IT industry is very rewarding in many ways, it still contains its challenges. For some, those could be the language barriers as lots of popular programming languages are based on English. Nevertheless, there’s no match for a professional translation agency that can even help you figure that out. Still, the greatest issues often hide in darker corners, such as stress and professional burnout. It doesn’t mean a career path of a developer should not be taken.

It should be faced completely with all its positive and negative sides. In IT, the veterans usually mention three main layers of the profession, the good, the bad, and the ugly. There they are in more detail:

  • The Good – that’s the environment you develop in. Optimized platforms and SDKs, fellow developers that are ready to help, and well-mannered customers.
  • The Bad – that would be the market you work for. It can be overly saturated or simply unresponsive. Regardless of what you do, making money with programming might be hard.
  • The Ugly – the consumer end. Some customers might be unreasonably rude, treat you as you’re absolutely unnecessary, and cause you lots of trouble.

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While the downsides seem horrible in both quality and quantity, it doesn’t mean that going into development is a bad idea. It just means that you might need some ways to cope with those troubles. Here are some of them.

  • Always do some research. Being someone working in a rather technical field, you probably know the importance of research and how to do it. If you don’t, learn, it’s a very useful skill that’ll help you anywhere in your life. Before you go on and start developing, always research your employer, research a market, your potential customers, what they need, and so on. To help you with all that, there are always many people at your disposal, your fellow developers, testers, technical writers, and many other people.
  • Try to develop for several platforms. If you want your app to be popular, hit a few buttons at once. You might need to select an appropriate language for that. Many agree that tougher languages, such as Java, C++, JavaScript, and Swift are a better choice for cross-platform development. Still, there are also their simpler and just as powerful counterparts, like React, Python, and Xamarin.
  • Localize your apps right away. As you’ve done some research and found what your potential users want, one of the first things to do is define the languages you’re going to launch your app in. after you do that, you can leave the rest to translation services online, they’ll take care of it. The thing is the more languages you target, the great audience you reach. At the same time, if your users will be able to understand your app from A to Z, they’ll like it.
  • Work closely in a team with UI/UX designer. While this should be a familiar term for most developers, many appear to forget about or ignore it whatsoever. User experience and user interface design are some of the key parts to the app’s success. And both rely heavily on what’s being coded. So, to consult a corresponding specialist from time to time is necessary for your app (and career) to thrive.

Far from Ugly, Not so Bad, and Can be Actually Pretty Good

As you see, despite all possible pains, app development is still a fun career path to pursue. Not only it eliminates lots of trouble that can stand in your way, but it can also take you on an engaging journey and help you grow both personally and professionally. Being multiskilled is great for everybody and an app developer in particular. The modern world is so fast-paced and integrated, a developer must step into the entrepreneur’s shoes and vice versa. So, never stop learning and go ahead like you know nothing. Who knows, maybe, tomorrow that’ll be the truth.


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