These are some of the famous and popular dating apps available on the App Store. Let’s explore the online world with our help.

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Famous Online Dating Apps on the App Store

Finding the right person online has become easier since the advent of online dating apps. Numerous apps help create ways to meet you to the right person. Just a click and you get to know about the person’s information and interests. It has gained immense popularity, especially among the youth. From the casual chit-chat to serious relationships, these apps are designed for everyone. We have compiled a list of Android apps that are helpful in finding the right match for you.


It is undoubtedly the most famous dating app in the world. It helps to connect within seconds and has introduced some new features that make it possible. It is considered as the most used iOS app for dating purposes. Tinder is useful for casual hookups, friendships, and long-term relationships. Create a simple profile by uploading some of your photos and a short introduction. Find the matches in your area. Swipe right to look for more photos or swipe left to reject. Widely used by youngsters and easy to find on the App Store.


OkCupid is also one of the famous dating apps available on the App Store. It is convenient to use and has some distinguishing features. These are:

  • Set up a profile and answer questions about your preferences, lifestyle, and interests. The more you write, the more you can find the perfect match.
  • Browse and find a profile based on your common interests.
  • A helpful way to look for potential matches.
  • You can delete unwanted messages.


Bumble is not only used to find the right match but you can also use this app for expanding business networks. It helps users to find new dates and singles having common interests and hobbies, see some Bumble reviews. This app has significant features like:

  1. Help in finding a same-sex person.
  2. Do not waste time because the person disappears.
  3. Special BFF section for platonic friendships.
  4. Mostly used by youngsters.


This app is available on the App store and is considered as an old player in the web-based dating. It is the first service that introduced the algorithm system to make the most ideal dating matches for its individuals. When users create a profile, they experience a "Relationship Questionnaire" to make a character profile that helps coordinate with different matches. These matches are considered as ideal according to eHarmony. Consistently, the application will furnish you with a choice of matches and your regions of similarity; you'll associate if the interests are mutual.


This app lets you find meaningful relationships and several dating options. do not worry if you are a widow, separated, lesbian, gay or a divorcee, there are hundreds of potential matches waiting out there. Zoosk can help find such matches within no time and let you enjoy life with someone special. The users are mostly 30 plus which means this app is not only used by youngsters.


Here are some of the widely used iOS apps for online dating. Find a special person online now.


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