Learning can be hard sometimes. Many students complain that no matter how much they love studying, they still feel helpless and struggle from time to time. This is mostly due to the enormous academic burden that has only been growing recently.

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Nevertheless, lots of technologies are being created to ease this hardship for students. They are now entitled to use various online platforms and websites designed to help students study better.

Apps take a decent place among all those recent developments. They help students in a variety of ways, making the learning process more effective and efficient.

Tons of different study-related apps are being created daily. Of course, their variety makes it hard to choose the ones that fit students’ goals the best. You can get anything online nowadays, from essay writer to a time manager or storage organizer. Here, we’ve gathered some of the best apps that students love and use every day.


This app is an amazing helper in organizing the studying process for any student. From now on, you do not have to keep everything in your memory or on paper. Take notes in this app so that it could notify you of the upcoming deadline or any due assignment.

Moreover, myHomework can include class schedules. It easily integrates with teachers.io for students to have access to the class information they post there. Undoubtedly, myHomework is one of the best options out there for you.

Class Timetable

This amazing IOS app helps students organize their time more professionally. By doing this, they can significantly ease their academic struggle. This simple app is very much handy when it comes to organizing student activities and matching them with the curriculum. The app offers a traditional spreadsheet-style layout and several other features for more effective planning.


Notability is an app designed to facilitate note-taking for students. It literally saves them lots of time because they can handwrite, draw, upload photos and web clips to get the best notes. Later, they can create PDF copies to print or share with friends.

It is wrong to assume that students become lazier when they use such note-taking apps. Quite the contrary, though. They learn to focus on the most important as well as get a chance to add valuable handwritten comments to digital files.

Audio Memos Free

To continue with note-taking apps, we offer Audio Memos to your attention. It is really great to be able to record the professor speaking and convert it into a PDF or Word file. The app is very sensitive to the voices and rhythms, so it can easily divide your teacher’s talk from other noises.

No more haste trying to write down everything. No more missed information. Audio Memos is the best for students to really want to learn.

Explain Everything

This app is a mind-blowing one. It allows students to create engaging videos and classroom projects, making it easier for them to explain the topic. The app can literally bring your school project to a new level simply by changing the way you present the information.

Explain Everything allows you to copy, clone, rotate and edit various digital files. Also, you can record themselves or create a short video. The newest extension of this app, Collaborative Whiteboard, lets several students working on a common project collaborate in real time.


Designed for students with reading disabilities, this app can also be helpful to students struggling with enormous academic burden. The app has one of the largest collections of audiobooks. You can listen to your home reading assignment while commuting to college and home or right before falling asleep. The app is especially lifesaving for those who find reading difficult.


No matter how difficult exams are, they are a part of the learning process. Preparing for them is your direct responsibility. Luckily, apps like StudyBlue offer help in organizing your revision.

All you need to do is to provide your course information so that the app could generate card sets for the revision. You can revise your knowledge and skills on the subject wherever and whenever you go.


For those students who plan to take such tests as GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT, preparation means a lot more complicated process. Software developers wanted to help in this case, too. They’ve created BenchPrep hoping that networking would help students share materials and prepare better.

Today, BenchPrep has one of the largest databases of revision materials and quizzes designed specifically for these high-level exams. It also has a progress tracking function, which is definitely a plus.


Undoubtedly, this app is one of the most helpful for students having trouble with English. When teachers demand more advanced vocabulary in your essay, this is the best place to look for words and complex terminology.

Also, the app offers the “word of the day” feature, helping students learn sophisticated words and interesting idioms. Dictionary.com is great for both native English speakers and ESL students.


Those students who struggle with Algebra will definitely find this app useful. Just imagine no more problem that has no solution. Mathway is a cool app that resolve math problems very quickly. Moreover, it works without network access.

You can try it if you have trouble with Basic Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Statistics. Moreover, some Chemistry and Finite Math assignments can also be resolved by the app. You can see the process of solving the assignment step by step for a paid subscription.

Wolfram Alpha

This app has the answer to any of your queries. It combines the features of a calculator, search engine, and encyclopedia. It was created as a small app offering information in Physics and Chemistry. However, the app has now developed enough to answer questions in different disciplines.

Wolfram Alpha has one of the richest knowledge bases and relies on AI technology. Students, installing the app, definitely get access to the world’s finest algorithms and solutions in the fields of Math, Science, Technology, etc.


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