Do you feel ready and excited to start creating your own custom line of design tee-shirts because you watched a video extolling the benefits and trendiness of designing custom tee-shirts or because some friend recommended this as a great way to start a custom design tee-shirt business - whatever might be your reason, it is easier than ever to get into custom designing tee-shirts with several mobile apps available that can help you easily get your design ready, and also come with good printing options that are affordable and which can be delivered to your or your client’s doorstep.

custom tshirt design

Plastique t-shirt by Christos

Let us check out some apps that can help make your custom tee-shirt design dream a reality.

1. Snaptee

This is the ultimate app for any one looking to get into custom tee-shirt designs as it offers a ton of features that appeal to both beginners starting out with their first design to the ultimate pros who know the ins and outs of custom designs. With the help of the features that the app offers, a user can get their design ready in a jiffy using their own photographs or generated artwork from the internet, and then get them printed or share the designs with other users easily. This app is a cross-platform application available for both Android and iOS devices.

2. Adobe Photoshop (for mobile)

If you are looking for a freeing app, with little to no boundaries helping you tap into the unlimited design potential that is your creativity, Adobe Photoshop is the best. It is considered by most creative professionals to be the best image editing app out on the market - so if you are looking for maverick design ideas like Christmas t-shirt design ideas for example, you can get it done with this app. It comes with a multitude of options and packs that can help you get your next tee-shirt design ready along with a plethora of image sharing options that can help you get your designs out to many people on social media. This app is also a cross-platform application and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

3. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

This application comes from the powerhouse company that gave us legendary design and architectural software like Auto-CAD, Maya and so forth - so they know their stuff. This application lives up to the tremendous expectation and comes packed with features that can help the budding tee-shirt designer to get upto a professional level. If you are looking for an old-school designer experience involving sketching to get some original design ideas into the application and ultimately on to your tee-shirts, this is the application for doing that. It has a huge collection of professional illustrating tools, brushes, canvas options, custom colour palette that can be changed based on the design, freehand drawing options and many more professional options. This application is only available on iOS devices and comes with a premium designed interface.


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