As a creative person, you may be told that your interests and talents are not fit for the working world. Many creative people that are interested in art, writing, design, etc. are all told to stop messing around with hobbies and find real jobs that make real money.

Well, that’s a load of nonsense. In fact, creative people can make more money than most people think. There are loads of ways you can harness the power of your creative mind and turn it into profits. Check the three ideas below to learn more:

power of your creativity

Start A Creative Business

There is all manner of creative business ideas out there that you can turn into profitable machines. The beauty of a creative business is that you get to be less structured than more traditional businesses. You have the freedom to express yourself and showcase your talents to provide a product or service to customers. For example, you can start a business that focuses on designing and creating small-scale models that people can buy and put on their desk at work or mantlepiece at home. Of course, this is just one idea of many that involve using creativity to sell something to someone.

Another great thing about starting a creative business is that they tend to be fairly low-cost ventures. A lot of the time, you rely on people or yourself using your talents to create things. As such, you don’t need as many resources as other businesses require. More specifically, you really have no need for an office. So much creative work can be done from home, you really don’t need much space. Of course, you could consider something like virtual offices if you want a nice business address. But, for practical reasons, you rarely need an office to run a creative business. What does this mean? It means you spend less money, which means the profits can be much bigger.

Become A Creative Freelancer

Freelancing is perhaps the most effective way of earning money as a creative person. Why? Because a lot of companies and people need the services offered by creatives. If you have a talent for graphic design, there will be people that need logos or web pages designed. Have you got a knack for creative and engaging content writing? Then people will be keen to hire you to write content now and then.

The thing is, a lot of the things creatives do aren’t required all the time. No one needs a logo designed every day, that’s absurd. For this reason, creative people have much more success being freelancers than finding a full-time job. As a freelancer, you can open yourself up to loads of different people. Instead of working for just one company, you can work with loads of other ones all at the same time. It’s such a good way of making money and harnessing the power of your creative talents. The only difficulty is getting seen, you must promote your talents as best as you can by designing a website for yourself and also registering on various freelance sites.

video making money

Start A YouTube Channel Or Blog

For me, the internet has become such an important device for creative people to use. The internet has created so many platforms for people to unleash their creativity. Specifically, I’m talking about blogging platforms and YouTube. Blogs are a phenomenal way for creative people to set their minds free and essentially build a place where they can do whatever they want and show off all their talents. What’s more, blogging can now be a serious profession. Blogs can earn money through ad revenue, not to mention additional sponsorships or endorsements from brands.

However, YouTube is arguably the most creative platform of all. It’s a site where people can upload videos showcasing what they’re good at. Creative artists can devote their channel to showing all their work and drawing things in real-time. Then, you have people that like creating funny videos, which YouTube is perfect for. The whole premise of YouTube is to encourage creative content creators to come together and make great videos. But, it’s also become a site full of money. There are big YouTubers that earn millions every year and cash in loads of sponsorship deals. If you create great content and get a bit lucky, you can earn so much money as a creative person on YouTube.

If you have a creative mind, don’t be put off by what others tell you about your future. Just look at these three ideas as an example of how you can make a lot of money with your creative talents.


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