As a business owner you’ll know how important your time is. Part of it will be spent fire fighting, while you’ll be spending time with your employees and colleagues and focusing on areas of the business that need your immediate attention. But there are ways you can limit your time spent on things you simply don’t want to do. Whether you’re a small business or a larger one, you need to protect your time and ensure it is spent in a wise way. Here are some top time saving tips to get you started.

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Limit Your Paper Based Time

Meaning all the time you waste writing up invoices, opening mail and processing cheques. Get the right software and you will be processing the invoices and cheques far more quickly, by simply printing them off instead of having to write them up yourselves. If you get a lot of post it can take ages getting through it all, but if you use an office mailing address you can get the letters sent elsewhere and scanned onto a programme, meaning you can view your post on a computer or even your phone, saving you tonnes of time in the process. Dealing with these paper based things can literally sap time out of your day, so take the steps necessary to help you succeed. It can also help your staff become more productive as they too will have more time to focus on the actual operation of your business instead of doing the above.

Use External HR Help

HR help can be hugely beneficial when you’re spending hours a week making sure everybody is paid correctly with the right payroll. But using external HR solutions means you won’t have to do this anymore and you’ll also benefit from their expertise. You can be sure that your employees will get paid on time all the time and as such they will be far more happier when any mistakes are limited.

How Creativity Help Train Your Staff

Help can also be provided with timekeeping issues and problems with discipline, a benefit for the manager who doesn’t always like putting his foot down. You have to of course pay, but remember, you would be employing someone to do this anyway, or doing it yourself, so having experts do it is far more beneficial.

Don’t Mess Up Your Numbers

Use an accountant to help you with you income and outgoings. They can quickly ascertain whether your business, in its current model, is at all tenable. You would waste hours doing this for yourself because you will struggle with the correct formulas. But knowing where you need to reign back on the spending can save you tonnes of money and ensure your business runs for longer. The same can be said of tax specialists. You can use them to help ensure you are paying the right amount of tax. You may be unaware of many different types of tax break or tax refund too which are run by your respective government, so the one off consultancy fee can be well worth it if you’re going to end up with more money in the long run.


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