With all digital gadgets, devices, and smart-everything it might be a little bit overwhelming to start a simple business. In the times of smart shopping, voice assisted purchases, what can a simple person do, if one wants to earn some extra money?

So what does this mean? It means that you can create a very simple online business without any smart futuristic features and still earn some extra money of even more. We have to admit - new technology is great, but we are humans and our psychology naturally doesn’t accept so many changes at once.

That’s exactly why there is no reason for you to doubt in your possibilities - here’s a list of 10 great online business idea to get you started on some extra money.

Create an Online Platform for Editing and Designing

This might not sound as easy and fast as most of you would like, but if you have good coding and web development skills, this could be a long-term project that could earn extra money for many years. This could be even a joined project of you and your friends who like to code. To get inspiration and motivation, check out the idea of Crello.

Instagram Consulting

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One of the most growing social media platforms today is Instagram and it is hard to argue with that. You could do social media consulting in general, but focusing on one successful niche is always a better idea. To save yourself some time and keep your knowledge fresh, you can create YouTube playlists with newest tips for Instagram and use this a youtube playlist downloader to listen to it while doing something else.

Sell Online Courses

Teaching never gets old - and with each day there are more and more things to learn. Think about what is your biggest knowledge and most advanced skills. When you think it through, you can buy a domain and start selling your own online courses.

Sell Handmade Crafts

If you know how to make some fashionable crafts, there are so many ways to sell them on the internet: you can do it on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook or even have an e-shop of your own, it’s up to you. After you find your first clients, start building up your email list and sending newsletters to remind your customers of yourself.

Become a Graphic Designer

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It’s an incredible idea to earn some extra money right away, especially if you are a graphic design student and already know how to use your tools. To find a project you don’t even need a website - leave it for later.

Social Media Expert

You can find mostly anyone on social media today, therefore that’s what makes it such a great place for business. It is obviously very profitable to looks for business opportunities it strategic places, where most people spend their free time. On the other hand, if you want to work in this sphere, you’ll have to keep up with the latest trends and jumpic can help you do that.

Travel Consulting

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Image credit: Ibrahim Rifath

If you are that kind of person who travels a lot and really knows how to find a great deal, then you could try selling it as a service because it is an actual skill. And for great skills - people are willing to pay money. You can help people find better deals, plan adventures, and discover the undiscovered.

Technical Support

If you know IT field really well but you don’t have time for big projects like website or app development and creation because of your studies or any other reasons - try technical support. Have a domain and a website where people can fill up a form with their issues and start working. To make the process faster, you can use an online form builder.

Create a Facebook Shop

As it is a true e-commerce related fact that just 2% of people with Amazon Echo made a voice-assisted purchase, this means that older and more simple, regular selling platforms are more appealing to consumers. So why not try to use a platform where most of the world spend their free time - Facebook? Create a page, add a “Shop” section and start selling.

Freelance Writing

With all the digital media today - social platforms, blogs, news websites, and many others, content is a highly demanded service. If your grammar is brilliant and you enjoy writing, you should absolutely try freelance writing - you’ll love it. And who knows, maybe it could lead to a career of a famous journalist?

Selling Photos

For those of you who like and know how to take some great shots, but lack time to organize and participate in events for photoshoots, there are two ways to become a successful photographer and get paid. One is to create a website where you will sell your masterpieces, and the faster one - to join some photo banks where you’ll sell your work faster.


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