As you may have heard, videos are more engaging than any other type of medium – bar none. That is why businesses nowadays are flocking to it and using it extensively as part of their marketing campaigns.

Video Creation Team

Video Creation Team by Lina Leusenko

However the potential of marketing videos is no guarantee of their success. In fact, if you want your marketing videos to engage viewers you will have to engineer them to do just that – and these quick tips can help:

Keep it short

It is hard to stress how important it is that you keep your marketing videos short. To put it simply: It is so that you retain as many viewers as possible all the way to the end of the video.

Every marketing video will lose videos over time, so by keeping yours short you can avoid losing too many before the call to action. On top of that many viewers are likely to click away if they see a video that is much longer than they want to watch.

The optimal length for marketing videos can vary, but as a rule – the shorter the better. Try to keep yours under a minute, unless there is a specific reason you feel it should be more than that.

Add a hook to the start

Another point where videos lose viewers tends to be right at the start – in the first 5 to 8 seconds. That is normally the time that it takes for viewers decide whether they want to keep watching or not.

Adding a hook to the start of your video can help to provide viewers with a compelling reason to continue watching. Try focusing on the benefits of your video and what viewers stand to gain in order to sway them towards staying.

Incorporate emotional triggers

Emotions are an inseparable part of marketing, and it should go without saying that you’ll want your marketing videos to trigger emotions to drive the actions and decisions of viewers. It is also an invaluable way to engage viewers however – which makes it doubly important.

There are lots of different types of emotional triggers that you could use in your videos, and you should try incorporating at least one of them. The more intense of a reaction you’re able to trigger, the more likely it is that viewers will share, react, comment, or otherwise engage with your video.

Focus on the visuals

The main reason why video is more engaging than any other type of medium is because of its unparalleled ability to deliver information visually. As such you should take full advantage of the visuals, and always try to ‘show’ the message rather than ‘telling’ viewers about it.

Portraying information visually in a creative way can be tricky, but it is the cornerstone of creating engaging marketing videos. It will make your video’s message easier to absorb, and increase its impact and resonance with viewers.

Keep in mind there are lots of ways to create videos, such as slideshows, animation, or even screen recording.

At the end of the day the tips listed above should help you to improve the engagement levels of your videos by leaps and bounds. However you should make it a point to track that improvement, and analyze it to figure out how you could improve on the next video that you create.

Think of each video that you publish as an opportunity to learn and improve, so that you’re able to gradually create more and more engaging marketing videos.


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