Video platforms are filled with creatives with endless ideas, and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of content available on YouTube alone. If you want to capture the eyes of your audience, you’ll need a few clever videos that promote a lot of engagement, interactions, and shares. These 6 stand out projects will get your creative gears turning while also increasing conversion rates.

How to Shoot Dreamy Mood Videos Using This Trick?

Discover a unique photo-video trick using a sandwich bag & markers for a dreamy haze effect. Elevate your shots with this simple yet impactful technique.


First Things First: Who Owns The Video?

A business owner who’s looking to add a videographer to the team may wonder who has ownership over the content the freelancer creates while operating under said business. Under United States copyright law, creators of any creative work own the right to their creation. However, there are exceptions to that rule if you upload to a video-sharing website like Youtube.

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Dappled sunlight by Jack Chadwick

If you want to own the right to the video a videographer produces while working for you, simply add that stipulation to a contract. Instead of fussing with lawyers to create your own, use a template for a video product contract to protect your property if a dispute occurs.

6 Creative Video Ideas For Your Next Project

1. Create a time lapse

Time-lapse videos are perfect for showcasing a large project you’re working on without making the video hours long. Simply set up your camera and keep filming throughout the duration of your project. Time-lapse videos work great for painting, drawing, or sewing projects with a slow buildup but a big payoff. It’s essential to experiment with the time-lapse video's speed to ensure your audience can see the process without having to pause and backtrack.

2. Share a tour

You wouldn’t believe how many followers want to see what your home looks like. Maybe they’re nosy, or maybe they have a healthy amount of curiosity for your creative space. Regardless of the reason, your followers will appreciate getting a closer look at your world. Use this chance to tell stories about the objects in your space. For example, you can tell a funny story on how you obtained your first video camera or how confused you were when purchasing a monitor.

3. Film a how-to video

How-to videos are some of the most popular content on the Internet because there is always someone who learns better by showing them in real-time. You could explain any kind of skill you possess, as long as you can speak confidently about it. If you wanted to talk about how to edit a video, you could walk your followers through the process of uploading, cutting, and piecing together multiple video files to create your content.

4. Host a question and answer segment

Have you noticed your followers are asking the same questions multiple times in the comments? Even if you answered these questions on another social media website, like Twitter, your followers might not have noticed because it was on a different platform. Making these videos is easy; just go through your comment section and pick the entertaining questions. Or, you could answer inquiries that could help inform your audience on personal details.

5. Draw on a whiteboard

Humans are mostly visual creatures who prefer to watch rather than listen. Since your captivated audience is already interested in your highly edited content, they might appreciate a visual representation of a difficult to grasp concept. Plenty of math, marketing, and lifestyle channels use whiteboards to explain a topic. The best part about these videos is that they require little effort; just stand in front of the camera, write on the whiteboard, and entertain.

6. Film a day-in-the-life or vlog

Content creators tend to live exciting lives because they have a bit more free time than the traditional 9-5 employee. If you plan to go on a vacation, an interesting park, museum, or convention, you should start recording for some easy-to-produce content. Vlogs require little to no editing, which is a big part of their charm. Your audience may want to see what goes on in your daily life, so feel free to give them a snapshot.


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