In the last decade, the use of videos in companies has been a paradigm change. According to researchers, the influence of published videos is unquestionable. Visual media is regarded as the future of all kinds of businesses. There are many types of videos for different advertising purposes used by business owners. Some people want to make videos by themselves, but some think hiring a company like Spiel Creative is the way forward.

The brains of human beings handle visual aid much more quickly than other types of information, such as written text. It is also claimed that light moves faster than sound, which means that you are more likely to see pictures at first. They move faster and move faster than we thought.

video production for business

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So, what mode of video production is best for your company? Do solos and a DIY video produce better than outsourcing a professional's services? In this post, we discuss both ways to help you determine the right approach for you.

However, what is an impressive, high-quality video – and can you do it yourself without the help of a video manufacturer? Let's look at a couple of core elements of video production to address this issue...

The Experience value

A quality video needs many skills – setup, lighting, sound, direction, and editing, to name only a few. Trying to fulfill all these roles can be intimidating and time-consuming, particularly if you learn to do so. And while you can recruit the support of your in-house employees, you still have to delegate tasks, track daily work and solve problems when they arise.

You would probably find that challenges, delays, and cost overruns will mount rapidly if your staff isn't qualified in the many complexities of video. A business video producer has the expertise and experience to prevent rookie errors and potentially expensive delays.

Do I need all this equipment?

Video technology has progressed exponentially during the past two decades, and tools are available and affordable to create a quick and dirty do-it-yourself video. But if you plan to create the best quality video for your brand, you'll have to aim higher.

The equipment needed to produce video quality is expensive, particularly if you want to use the latest technology. But this investment pays off only if you make many videos. Just as you wouldn't purchase a new car for a wedding, why purchase a range of expensive lighting, video, and sound devices for making a video? A professional video manufacturing company has advanced equipment and the skill to make full use of it.


A successful video produces a narrative that helps you (and your brand) emotionally connect to the viewers, and it does so in a limited time. And although this may not appear to be an excessively complicated task, it requires significant planning, management, and technical expertise. Professional producers are expert storytellers who can create concise and convincing stories through voiceovers, animations, B-roll images, and more. Not only are these skills desirable — they are necessary— especially when you only have minutes to make significant connections with viewers.

A Fresh Eye Set

Each company wants to be separated from the competition. Including the support of a professional video production company can provide an existing challenge with a new perspective.

An experienced video producer will probably know what works and what doesn't when a high-quality video is produced. You might even have experience making videos in your field. These factors make creative and technical input from a manufacturer invaluable when creating a unique image for your brand.

Your time is worthwhile.

To create good video content, time, focus, and tools are needed. Adding your already packed schedule to video production responsibilities can remove staff hours and resources from other essential aspects of your business. By hiring a reliable video manufacturing company, you can spend those critical hours on the success of your business.


DIY video is more affordable because you probably have what you need – your smartphone. Most phones will shoot HD or higher video quality and get good audio if you're close to your subject (the mic on your phone was built for up-close speaking, the closer you get to your topic, the better they will sound). There is also plenty of free or low-cost software that you can use to edit your videos.

Another bonus is that DIY videos give you a sense of spontaneity and give you a genuine insight into what is going on in your business in real-time. Livestreams or live Facebook are only two examples of how the moment it happens can be captured.

DIY videos can go wrong if you don't take the proper precautions. Shaky video, vertical video, and bad poor audio are all too typical occurrences. These issues will distract your viewers. Remember, your company's content and first impressions are relevant when your customers choose your product or service.

If you're a businessman and your time is essential, you probably already wear many hats. Making a good video will take valuable time to take care of more important items (like running your business). There is a slight learning curve about creating a video technically, and you might find that it hurts your ROI and takes you away from your business.

Going Professional

A well-made video will give your business a polished presentation in the best possible way. Professional video firms are specialized in creating successful videos. Like you are a specialist in what you do. Video professionals will bring a new view of emerging trends and strategies to the table. As business owners, they understand that they are buried in your own business and cannot see the forest for the trees.

Many companies believe it would be costly or out of the marketing budget to hire a video specialist. Professional videos help brand your website videos or commercials for TV, movie theatres, or YouTube advertising.

Social media and video blog updates are the ideal time to make a DIY video. If you have an incident that is happening now and must be filmed, pick up your phone and record it.

Regardless of the way you make a video for your company, bear in mind your customers' needs and give them the content they are looking for to develop a relationship with your company.


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