What is Startuprr

For those seeking a way to create a brand with a high quality and dynamic website, Startuprr is a smart start up toolbox for PSD, HTML & WordPress designers which is a sure game changer. This multipurpose HTML theme has a vision to revolutionize the building and management of sites for anyone who needs a professional online presence, allowing you to create a website with more ease than ever. With tons of helpful features to make you a design pro, this highly functional theme is a great first step in launching a successful business and finding your brand's identity.

If a results-driven high end website is the goal, Startuprr is a sleek, modern, and user friendly way to create an ultra responsive site that will make a valuable first impression. With the simple to use interface and professional quality features, users can design without limitation while saving money, time, and valuable resources. The flexible design, drag and drop capabilities, smart layouts, and retina ready display have the potential to help you create a website with professional appeal.

Various Industry Demos

New release includes demos for various Blue-Collar jobs related websites and more are in the pipeline.

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Menus and Headers

Like many themes, one of the starting points—and stand out features—are the 15+ unique menus and headers that can be combined in a variety of different ways to make a layout that works best for your site, content, and business type. While many themes offer cookie-cutter menus, headers, and footers Startuprr offers exclusive design content that will help your site stand out. Equipped with Mega Menu and animated page titles, you can make the foundation of your site engaging and exciting so users will click on. You can even create custom hero-headers with bold and inspired objects and backgrounds to keep your header looking fresh and graphic.

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Unique Layout Options

Startuprr offers layout options that range from attractive yet ordinary to cutting edge and fully customized, letting you shape how you want your images and content to be displayed. For highly visual sites, the 10+ folio grids, QuickView, and FullView options allow you to create a strong aesthetic that is both vivid and eye catching. Bootstrap 3.2 allows you keep a unified framework across every device, so no matter your layout choices, you site will appear seamless without any coding required. Startuprr is frequently testing on various devices like mobile phones and tablets, so you can rest assured that your layout will look great and maintain the pixel perfection that you—and your viewers—expect.

For blog content, users can expect innovative and attractive layout options to best present your creative ideas. With many customizable blog layout options including blog timeline and masonry blog styles, you can decide how to best present your content to blog viewers, so the emphasis will be right where you want it.

If you're looking to display your portfolio, 15+ different styles will showcase your best work or favorite images. With folio diamond style and other effortlessly cool portfolio styles, you can tell the story that you wish to tell. Portfolio quick view provides an easy way to showcase your work at a glance while Ajax Portfolio gives you the minimalism to let your portfolio shine. The visual design is entirely up to you.

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eCommerce Ready

For entrepreneurs looking to bring their eCommerce business to life, Startuprr is eCommerce ready and able to deliver a unique online store that fits your exact needs; whether that means lots of sections and sub categories to organize your store, or you want to greet your customers with simplicity the included WooCommerce plugin allows you to create the store that will draw your target customers in. With powerful tools you've come to expect when shopping online, you'll be able to create a substantial presence with your new store. With nearly endless features, like size and price filters, easy cart controls, and convenient drop downs for the cart and other sections, your customers will be drawn to the smooth checkout and beyond.

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Support That Goes The Extra Mile

While many that produce WordPress themes abandon their themes and provide minimal—if any—support, Startuprr offers a commitment to customer needs. Users can expect updates and technical support for any issues that may arise. The addition of integrated security and backup tools further demonstrates their desire to keep your site running smoothly and without incident, and each tool working to its best ability.

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What makes Startuprr Stand out?

Startuprr boasts many unique features that meet in one powerful toolbox, and the inclusion of some of these features can help to make your site more exciting than you thought possible. Features like dynamic content allow you to drive clicks, downloads, and additional sales with interactive design elements and content. From switches and timelines, to interactive charts and buttons, the dynamic content features are customizable multipurpose elements that will increase participation within your site.

What’s New & Hot Included in Tool Box?

Interactive Content

1. Multi-Topic with Center Image Changer

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2. Zoom My App

professional html template

3. Horizontal TImeline

css html template

4. Vertical TImeline

code html template

5. Dynamic Orbits

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Custom Hero-Headers Creator

To keep up with new web design trends, designers have to create custom Hero-Headers from scratch but now that is not necessary anymore as we have created a Hero-Header creator that will help you churn out unique Hero Header anytime. You can watch our "How to” video by clicking the image below.


Everyone one want to have some sort of Slides on there home pages. It’s a pain to design a professional slides everytime. So we decided to offer SlideCreatrr which will make your life easy. Pick a background and edit the text and you can have a professional and sexy Slide that can be used as a static slide or converted to a dynamic slide for Revolution Slider or Layer Slider.

The ease of use—thanks to Online HTML Builder which is coming soon — allows you to create HTML codes and see them in action as you go. No prior knowledge or coding experience needed. The ability to code without really coding is a huge time saver for those who would prefer to do rather than learn. It’s under constructions but we decided to give an exclusive sneak peak of the HTML Builder here.

A theme with a charitable side, Startuprr will make a $1 donation to watsi.org for each premium download made from ThemeForest. This life-saving organization helps to fund healthcare for individual patients in need from around the world.

Why Startuprr?

Startuprr is the perfect tool kit for start ups and established businesses alike. Give your personal or company mission a new purpose and improved visibility. These exceptional tools have a high level of function, dedicated support, and overall potential for customization that make a website owners job a simpler one.


Download Startuprr One-Page Parallax Responsive HTML5 Theme

Download and tryout Startuprr One-Page Parallax Responsive HTLM5 Theme for FREE HERE, and you can checkout the FULL-VERSION HERE, which is exclusively available on Themeforest. For more giveaways from Startuprr, checkout Sam Rizzi’s Behance Profile.


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