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Take Your Website into Your Own Hands

When it comes to websites, first impressions are everything. Your customer’s user experience matters. Your website should truly represent what your company is about as well as be attractive, user-friendly and of course completely responsive. To go about this, you could shell out a ton of money and pay someone to code your website template. This would typically take multiple weeks to complete, and then, after all of that effort, most companies tend to need to tweak it and change things around. After all, a coder or programmer doesn’t know the ins and outs of the company or its message, but you do.

To really take your company to the next level, you need a site template that represents you, a true calling card with every tool you need to make your user experience one-of-a-kind! Here are a few helpful tips when choosing a website template.

Size Matters

Choosing a website template can be overwhelming, to say the least. There are so many companies that offer seemingly endless options, from arrays of colors, patterns, styles, fonts, you name it. To help narrow down the options, our first tip in picking a great website template is a simple one: the designs content width.

You might be confused considering all the advice or template options out there, but this is a helpful rule of thumb to follow. Ask yourself two simple questions about your business to choose which content width works for your template.

Is your company modern and creative? Or would you describe your firm as traditional with a more about business than “fun”?

If you answered yes to creative, choose a content width that takes up the whole screen space. This will lend itself to a feeling of expansiveness and limitless, much like the creative process. Choosing this type of website template design will also highlight your images, art, or whatever other creative elements you want to showcase. Pick this website template, if your company is anything but traditional. Designers, creatives and free spirits from clothing designs to art enjoy a wider look.


If you picked number two, then your company is all business. A boxed-width option for your template will speak to that right away. Your customers are looking for a professional, consistent, and linear approach. This template style would be perfect for Fortune500’s, legal or financial services, and other business-oriented companies.

Easy Does It

Try not to over complicate your website template. Adding layer upon layer of colors, design elements and images can make anyone's head spin. Instead, utilize a sleek company that helps you to “drag and drop” what you like easily. Companies like Ucraft for example, are totally changing the ease at which you can tailor your website template to meet your unique message and branding. As mentioned, unless you are a programmer or even if you are, skip the coding and go right to the creating with easy to access and enable site templates. Make sure all the integrations you need are available.

An amazing site template no longer has to be a long, overwrought complicated process. Keep it simple and streamlined for a great look and incredible UX (user experience).


More Bang for Your Buck

Your hard work and your website template should, that is where you get your template from should offer your business every feature you need. It no longer has to cost a lot to get a lot as website templates are becoming more and more accessible. Make sure your template includes the following features:

  • E-Commerce: If you are selling or offering a service of any kind, this is a must
  • Domain and Hosting Should All Be Free
  • Unlimited Pages and Storage is a Given-Avoid templates that only offer a few pages
  • Operational-Your social media, analytics, and marketing are the heart of your company, choose a website template that is fully integrated

Bottom Line

Don’t choose a second-rate website template when your business deserves the best. That being said, you don’t have to burn your budget on bells and whistles that will do nothing other than complicate your process. Keep it streamlined, choosing template providers that have thought of everything from the appearance to the usability and integration of all the tools you need. Cutting-edge companies like UCraft, have brought exciting drag and drop technology so you can handcraft your website. The sky is no longer the limit when it comes to your website template capability.


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