Need help on making your email template acceptable to your subscriber list? Find out in this guide!

When constructing an email campaign, everything counts. Whether it's the technology, text, or photos behind it, you have to design it so that your readers can read and digest it properly. And in this guide, we'll explain what software technologies you should use to utilize your html email templates.

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Newsletter Templates by Martin David

So let’s begin!

What Technologies Should I Use?

Even if you have a specific form of medium or technique that you can use, you might not prefer to use it. Your audience wants to view your website by choice, usually: they enter your site when they are acquainted with your brand or when they know what to expect.

Remember, constructing an email is different than creating a website. This means that having videos or sounds in your email will annoy your readers more than entertain.


Video is a persuasive medium - showing action instead of showing a text description or a static photo. Whether people would want to watch a video on their email instead of a website is an open question.

Personally, we recommend a simpler approach: take a screenshot of your video grab (ideally, a large play button) and place it into your email. Create a link in order to show it on your website. While its an additional click, it works for everyone reading into your campaign.


Adding a live form to your email campaign is a great idea - it allows your readers to answer a survey, or fill in details and RSVP for an event. However, the support for form integrations on emails is inconsistent.

Some clients will place a security warning if a reader attempts to open the form file, and other platforms will disable the form, so it's not sent within the email.

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Bochnik Newsletter by Parham Marandi

A good portion of your audience might be able to use your form, but other readers will view a form that doesn’t allow them to interact with it, which results in a bad experience. Again, we recommend that you link the form to your website, so that you know that it will work.

Testing Your Email

Most importantly, you need to do a few testing campaigns before sending your newsletter to your target audience. When it comes to designing and building, the testing process can become complicated. There are so many email clients to manage, platform differences, and client versions that can make this step very intimidating.

Here are a few testing services that can help you with utilizing your email:

  • Litmus
  • Campaign Monitor

Both of these services help users by showing all of their emails in one centralized location. Also, they will send screenshots to show you how your email will reach readers in different email programs.

You'll be able to scroll through the entire email, view it with the images loaded, or images blocked, and get a good idea what problems must be fixed within your email template. Once you've found the solution to the problems, make sure to update your template and test it again.


We believe that your html email templates need to be designed properly if you want any responses. This means that you'll have to do a bit of web design to ensure that your message is accepted amongst your audience. Conclusively, keep testing your template and launch it to your audience once you're ready to show them what you have to offer!


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