How you go about promoting your business can often make all the difference, especially if you’re in a competitive industry. Nowadays there are many options that you could pursue to help on that front – so many that you may feel torn as to which is best.

Out of all these options, videos in particular have become an extremely powerful medium to use when promoting a business. With people consuming videos at an unprecedented rate across platforms such as YouTube as well as social media such as Facebook and Instagram – there is no arguing their popularity and ability to draw in an audience.

“What Makes Creative Videos so Powerful?”

While videos as a medium are already potent – creative videos tend to be even more so. The fact of the matter is that businesses have already cottoned on to the draw of videos, and so the online landscape is practically flooded with videos by businesses trying to promote their brands.

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If you want to stand out and compete, your videos need to differentiate themselves – which is why creative videos are perfect. By offering up something unique creative videos are able to attract attention and foster interest more naturally – though their effectiveness will vary depending on how they are executed.

Coming Up with Creative Videos

It is a common misconception that creative videos need to be something that is completely new and has never before been seen. That is not true at all, and in fact some of the most effective creative videos are actually conventional videos with an added twist of creativity that makes them unique.

Instead of trying to break the mold completely, there are several other areas you should focus on when coming up with creative videos:

  • Try to create videos that pull on people’s emotions as it will have a powerful and lasting influence.
  • Use storytelling elements to provide a micro-perspective of a much larger topic.
  • Include a plot twist that turns the video on its head to keep the audience engaged.
  • Show some personality, humor, and passion to better convince viewers.

Distribute and Position Creative Videos

Once you’ve come up with the videos, the only thing that remains is to distribute and position them. How you do so will largely depend on the purpose that you have in mind for each video.

For videos that are generally aimed at increasing brand recognition the ‘more is better’ rule applies. On the other hand for videos with a more specific purpose such as generating traffic for you website, advertising products, and so on – you will want to be more discerning and target groups of people through various platforms.

With the help of Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you will have access to the tools you need to come up with creative videos in many forms. It will let you not only record screen on Windows 10, but also capture footage from a webcam, digitize VHS tapes, or export footage from AVCHD cameras.

how to do screen capture in windows 10

Between all these options you should be able to create a wide array of different types of videos. On top of that Movavi Screen Capture Studio also has editing tools that will give you the means to cut and join video segments, improve the video quality, apply special effects, include background music, add text, and much more.

By experimenting with these tools you’ll be able to use them to improve your creative videos and ensure they really do stand out. Effectively Movavi Screen Capture Studio will hand you everything you need to create professional-looking and interesting videos, all in a single gift-wrapped package.


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