Mattresses may not be the most seductive products on the market, so creating commercials for them could present quite a challenge. What can you say or do to convince people that your product is different, and to get them to buy it?

I’d have to say: be creative, use humor and invest plenty of money. At least that is what Purple did. This mattress brand created a video commercial which went viral, gathering over 500 million views and generating huge sales. Their approach was educational and funny at the same time because the owners of the brand understood the fact that they had to communicate how their mattress was different from others by doing something original.

designed a viral video

The Pearce brothers behind the Purple mattress concept put their knowledge together and designed a mattress that combines perfectly the benefits of both firm and soft surfaces. Their creation represents a fusion of smart materials and top-class technology. Also, the mattress costs less than most modern beds. But having a great product is just the first step. How do you present it to the world and make people purchase it?

For Purple, it was through the “Goldilocks” video presenting the “Raw Egg Test.” Take a quick look at it, even if you’ve already seen it and let’s see what makes it unique. We could all pick up a few things from their success:

Set a generous budget

Professional video production may be expensive. The Pearce brothers have publicly declared that the “Goldilocks” video was an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Get the right people

You need to hire good people, whether for behind the camera or in front of it. Look at “Goldilocks”: she is perfect for the part! People love her, they feel a connection with her and having such a person introducing your product is essential.

Engage the audience

I believe that it’s best to catch the eye of your public from the beginning, mainly when you’re trying to sell a product. You only have several seconds to convince people to keep watching. If you don't, they'll scroll down their media feed, whatever that would be.

Show and tell

Visual communication is the best way to transmit anything you want, but don't tell the story of your product, show it! That's what Purple did by presenting a demonstration which works. They introduce the benefits of their mattress by putting on a show.

Keep things amusing

Humor is one of the best communication strategies, although it won't fit any scenario. Still, it's an excellent method to deliver the content, especially if you're in a predictable or boring industry. Remember that the type of wit you can use depends a lot on the kind of brand you’re promoting. Let me offer a friendly warning, though: don’t lose substance over fun.

The next two critical steps you have to take are promoting the video and being patient. The promotion has to be financially sustained as well, so you'll need to put some serious money into it if you want to reach a broad audience. Then, be patient: going viral is not an exact science; it’s actually out of your control since there are too many variables involved.

Purple’s viral video success is the fairy tale of the advertising world. The fact that they chose an accessible, charismatic, informative and humorous approach (as opposed to rigid and overly professional) has resonated with a lot of people. Hence, the success! So here are my final thoughts on it, if you’re looking for a short list of “how to” achieve Purple’s fantastic outcome:

  • Dare to do something nobody else does
  • Speak for the masses, not for the experts
  • If you’re afraid that your product is taboo or unappealing for advertising, remember that humor is the most powerful tool at your disposal
  • Humanize your brand
  • Keep the story short and interesting
  • Invest money if you want a substantial return on the investment


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