Naturally, graphic designers tend to depend to some extent on technology and different computer programs. For that reason, it's no surprise that the explosion in the popularity of mobile apps has had a notable effect on many independent graphic designers. Different apps and programs can be very helpful for various types of graphic design, and often offer a degree of simplicity and convenience that designers are happy to take advantage of. Here's a look at 5 apps in particular that can be very appealing to graphic designers.

Brushes 3

This is a fairly simple app, but it's nonetheless a great tool for amateur artists and experienced graphic designers alike. Basically, this is many people's go-to digital painting app for iOS devices. With tons of options for brush strokes, effects, and of course colors, this app can create surprisingly beautiful digital paintings (and even made a cover for the New Yorker magazine in 2009). A "layers" add-on is available for $2.99, and enhances your painting capability.


Adobe Photoshop Express

At some point, most graphic designers find themselves perfecting Photoshop, and if you'd like to be able to do more work on the go, the "Express" app is definitely worth picking up for a reasonable $4.99. It won't quite get you all of the capabilities of Photoshop on your desktop, but the basics are all there, and truth be told you can do a great deal of high caliber photo editing on your mobile devices.


Sketchbook Pro For iPad

This is a more limiting app in that it's meant for iPads specifically, but if you do any work on such a tablet, it's a must have. Sketchbook Pro is arguably the best painting and sketching app out there, with any feature you could possibly want for digital design. This app can produce some truly stunning images.



This is an awesomely handy tool for creating quick images for shirts, posters, memes, covers, etc. Basically, it takes photos from your library and turns them into high quality black and white images. Perhaps the best part is that the images can be shrunken or enlarged and don't lose their sharp quality. It's not the most advanced app you'll find, but the simplicity is valuable for quick design concepts.



While it has nothing to do with actual design, the ShareFile mobile app is a handy idea for any graphic designer working with a high volume of digital content. This app gives you access to secure file sharing and cloud storage that allow you to easily organize your digital projects across all your devices. This makes it easy to work on the same projects on your phone, computer, or other device, and also gives you added security if you send your work to partners, clients, etc.



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