Singapore-based self-taught designer Nina Geometrieva experimented with minimalism on mobile in these extreme concepts.

Aesthetics above all. Above ease of use, above comfort, above fast recall. Sacrifices must be made, for beauty is above all. All systems must be built for maximizing the potential of beauty, and for enhancing its every aspect.

Since the introduction of iPhone iOS widgets, designers all over the world took a shot at crafting some sleek home screen aesthetics. Nina approached is a little bit different, she took the minimalist trend to the extreme, usability taking the hit and aesthetics being front and center.

minimal ios icons

Really pushing it close to being utterly unusable with this one The past 3 or so years at Google I've been hyper focused on making things as usable as possible. But outside of work I've recently been experimenting with the opposite — usability taking the hit and aesthetics being front and center. Because... why not.
minimalist ios
Crispy gradient iOS icons, for an absolutely stunning (and utterly unusable) home screen. Only for the bravest of all who are tired of instantly recognizing all apps on the home screen and are ready for a fun adventure of hide and seek, prefaced by a sanity-crushing exercise of never ending shortcut creation until all fingers irreversibly turn into noodles.

minimalism ios aesthetics widget

Beautiful aesthetic for a minimal iPhone home screen design. Anyway, it's all worth it, because... look at that gradient!


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