A business productivity app designed exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad, Daylite is an amazing tool geared towards facilitating small businesses in managing their leads, customers, and projects. With its native capabilities, the data is stored locally and thus, the users don’t need an Internet connection for accessing the data and files.

What is Daylite?

Introduced by Marketcircle, Daylite is an amazing app that enables Mac and iOS users to manage the diverse business aspects from a centralised location. It’s a collective CRM, lead management, and project management system, designed to let its users stay on the top of everything related to their business and keep a track of all the things their organization is indulged in.

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As per Marketcircle, the two cardinal objectives behind the development of Daylite include tracking the new business opportunities for the businesses while following through the current engagements.

Quite similar to a CRM system, Daylite app specializes in opportunities and projects. It provides clear visibility over the short and long term goals of the company, before connecting and organizing these objectives with the day to day activities including management of emails, notes, contacts, schedules and task lists.

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The integration with Apple Mail on the Mac allows the users to save their emails and transform them into the actionable items such as appointments and tasks directly from the email.

Daylite also possesses the capability to track the progress of projects along with the potential sales with the help of milestones, while assigning the tasks to the different associated users.

With all these capabilities, if you are still sceptical about whether you need the Daylite or not, Marketcircle allows the users to SignUp for 30 days trial period in order to explore how the app can help them in multiple ways.

Quite sure of the performance and productivity of the app, Marketcircle’s one month's’ trial offer is designed to make users comprehend that Daylite should be an integral part of their business team.

Features Offered by Daylite

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The primary idea behind the Daylite is the centralization of every aspect of the business at a central location from where anyone can access the information and stay updated.

Easy access to information through Sidebar

Daylite’s Sidebar allows a one click access to the app’s Contacts, Calendar, Email & Notes, Objectives, Groups, Forms, and Reports. Daylite, being a comprehensive tool designed for group based working, the majority of the items in the sidebar allow quick information filtering.

Offline Access

In order to access the app and manage your tasks, you do not need Internet access. The app is accessible when working offline and when the Internet is available, all the changes and updates are synchronised so that others can access them.


The linking feature in the app is used for establishing a history for customers and objectives. Linking allows the user to tie all the history such as appointments, emails, meeting notes, and calls – all back to the project, opportunity, or contact. Linking also allows the user to defin roles and relationships between People and Companies.

Keywords and Categories

People, appointments, tasks, projects, and opportunities can be separated into different categories. These things can also be tagged with keywords. Categories and keywords can then be used for filtering and creating detailed lists.

Powerful Search

Full and partial searches can be performed inside the app, within the Activity view of a contact or objective, and the entire Daylite database.

Pricing Plans

Marketcircle offers a monthly and yearly plan as well as a limited free plan to use the app. The free plan allows limited access to the app’s features. The monthly plan is $29 USD per month per user and when paid yearly, the price is $288 USD per user.


Overall, Daylite is an amazing tool for creating and managing business projects and opportunities in a tidy and efficacious manner. The Mail assistant of the app streamlines the linking correspondence to the Daylite projects and clients.

The learning curve is easy, integration is appreciable, the interface is quite easy to use and the comprehensive collection of data for the management of leads is also quite easy to do.

There are some complex features which might make it difficult to use the app, and it takes a little time to get comfortable with the app. However, if a centralised management of clients and projects is what you are looking for, the you will be hard pressed to find a tool as good as Daylite.


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