No business can afford to ignore videos, as not only is it the most popular form of online content – but it is also the most effective in terms of engaging viewers and converting them. But in order for your business videos to achieve those goals, the first thing they need to do is stand out so that viewers notice and watch them.

creative video stand out

Because practically every business is coming up with videos of their own, doing that is easier said than done. In such a competitive environment, it is important that you get creative to make your business videos stand out.

To that end, you may want to try some of the following:

  • Stamp a punchline onto your video in big text

One of the best ways to get attention right off the bat is to begin with a punchline that is designed to convince people to watch the video. Add that punchline to your video as a big title – and use it in the preview image and the first few seconds of your video.

To make the punchline text more noticeable, you should use contrast to set it apart and ensure that viewers focus on it. The idea is that it should be the first thing viewers see, and will make them want to see more.

  • Come up with a creative and unique but consistent visual style

It is important that your business videos have creative and unique visual style – but it should also be consistent as it will be part of your brand. Not only will a unique visual style be more interesting and attract viewers in the first place, but over time using that style consistently will strengthen your brand.

Ultimately the goal is for your business videos to stand out due to the strength of their brand, so that viewers immediately identify them at a glance and watch them. That can take time however, which is why in the short term the creativity and uniqueness of the visual style will have a greater effect.

  • Use background music to give the video the right vibe and pace

It is easy to underestimate the role of audio in a video, but its background music in particular can make your video stand out. The tempo of the music can help to set the pace of the video, while its overall tone can promote the vibe that you want it to have.

Think of your video’s background music as a creative element that can help to accentuate the rest of the video. With the right approach, it can help make a video much more appealing to viewers.

All these method should help to ensure that your business videos stand out and are able to attract more attention than the competition. That being said there are other areas that are important too, such as your choice of topic and the overall quality of your business videos.

If you want to create business videos such as software demonstrations or how-to guides, you may want to try using Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It will let you record screen Windows 10 as well as capture videos from other sources, and has a built-in editor to boot that is intuitive and easy to use.

screen capture video1

record screen video1

With the help of Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s editor you can compile impressive videos, add background music, apply unique visual effects, enhance the video quality, add customizable titles, and more. In short its features should help you to ensure that your business videos stand out more – especially if you use the creative methods listed above.


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