There is no doubt that the iPad is a revolutionary device, so you need accessories that match them. So if it’s cool, useful, or both, it’s on this list. I was really amazed to see how new ideas and concepts keep coming out whether they hit the market or are just concept ideas to the fan of the iPad.

If you’re willing to spend a minimum of $500 on the tablet, why not deck it out a little bit to protect your investment and to unleash its full potential? This post showcases the 30 most creative and innovative accessories that you can purchase for your iPad. Discover more cool iPad accessories you may need in this collection. They’ll make great gifts for a loved one or yourself.

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Book Case

The Octavo for iPad: Elegant case made from Italian leather and rugged wooden frame.

The Contega for iPad: Norske heritage inspired, a rugged case of ingenious practicality. The Contega is the first of it’s kind in the bookbindery case market. Designed with multiple viewing positions, a hidden pocket and of course our classic bookmark for removal of your iPad.

Grove iPad 2 Case

Made from a solid piece of bamboo ply, the Grove iPad case is a wooden case done right. It comes with a leather cover that magnetically attaches itself to your iPad like the Smart cover.

iPad Paintbrush

Nomad Brush features soft and flexible bristles made from natural and conductive fibers. Perfect tool for drawing on the iPad.

Steampunk iPad Case

Beautiful laser engraved iPad case with buckle and snap closure.

iPad Arcade Stick

Add a physical joystick to your iPad for enhanced gaming precision.

iPad Shirt

Treat your iPad with the respect it deserves and put it in an outfit.

Keyboard Case

Now you can transform your iPad into a laptop with a real keyboard.

Bacon iPad Case

Creative handmade case designed for iPad owners who love bacon.

Postcard iPad Sleeve

The inside of the case was padded with cloth to protect the screen.

iPad Jeans

Durable and washable iPad case made out of recycled denim pants.

Panda iPad Case

Unique case designed for the iPad and other similar sized gadgets.

iPad Cradle

Portable and lightweight lap desk with integrated circular plate that allows you to rotate your iPad between portrait and landscape views.

Yoshi iPad Case

Fun case inspired by the famous character from Super Mario games.

USB Typewriter

Typewriter Dock turns old typewriter into a keyboard for the iPad.

Carbon Fiber iPad Case

HoverCoat carbon fiber case simply snaps onto the back of the iPad.


iTee and iDress will help you comfortably store your iPad on the go.

Envelope iPad Bag

Comes with discreet magnetic lock and pockets for extra storage.

iPad Keyboard Case

ClamCase is an all-in-one keyboard, case and a stand for the iPad.

iPad Felt Case

Handmade case will protect your beloved gadgets from scratches.

iPad + Velcro

Two of mankind’s greatest inventions, together at last.

Wooden iPad Dock

Stylish docking station will look cool and charge your Apple iPad.

Waterproof iPad Case

Carrying case made from durable transparent material will keep your iPad away from water and dust.

iPad Hanfree Stand

Hands free stand makes using the iPad more fun and comfortable.

iPad Arcade Cabinet

Beautifully retro-styled tabletop arcade cabinet for your Apple iPad.

iPad Stabile Stand

Fastest, easiest to use, and the most stable stand for the iPad.

Cozy iPad Case

Unique case was hand-knit out of purple and blue Acrylic and Wool.

iPad Pillow

ePillow allows you to use your iPad comfortably in any environment.

iPad Pants

Kitanica Tactical pants come with a large back pocket for the iPad 2.

Lady D iPad Case

Inspired by old wallets, this case is perfect carrier for your IPad.

Wooden Cover by Miniot

If you are looking to stand out a little from the crowd then this little cover will help.

iPad Bike Mount

Why not attach an iPad and a set of speakers to your bicycle?

Are you planning to purchase an iPad? What iPad accessories will you be adding?


  • Slim Marley
    the joysticks are so classic!
  • Jay Moss
    iWant the Keyboard case
  • Darrell
    I love the steampunk! I’d almost buy an iPad just so I could put it in the steampunk case!
  • Aggi
    paint brush n arcade cabinet…
  • Heidi
    Brush is brilliant.
  • Jay Philips
    All great items with the exception of the clothing one. Why would someone want their iPad attached like a fanny pack?
  • Shaun
    iPad Shirt… great camouflage…^^
  • Snappit
    very cool accessories.. :D
  • Michael Aulia
    lol at the USB typewriter :D I wonder how many people actually buy them
  • Morgan & Me Creative
    Love the bacon case...keep it away from the family dog though! Haha.
  • Thomas
    That USB typewriter is so freaking cool. Totally useless, but still cool!