Have you recently started an e-commerce fashion store only to be overwhelmed by how much time and effort it takes to operate? You may have thought this type of business would be an easy way to make money but feel like you may be in over your head.

The truth is, an e-commerce store can be easy to run if you are aware of the right tools. Aside from making your store easier to run, these tools can also improve your customers’ buying experience.

We’re going to tell you exactly what tools you need to improve how your e-commerce fashion store runs while making your customers happy. Keep reading for more information!

Live Chat Support

If you’ve ever waited on hold for a customer service representative, you already know the frustration that it can cause. Sending an email and waiting for a response isn’t much better.

Instead of choosing to have only these two options available, it can be quite fruitful to have a live chat for your customers to contact support in real-time. Generally speaking, having a live chat option won’t require many employees because a single employee can handle multiple chats at once.

This cuts down on the number of people required to answer constant phone calls and will help ensure that your customer feels confident about their purchase. Of course, if an issue can’t be resolved through a live chat feature, you can always have the customer call your support line for further help with their inquiry.

Inventory Software

Keeping your online inventory up-to-date will be easy when you first open your store. However, when orders start rolling in, you may be faced with multiple challenges and find it hard to keep up.

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This is where choosing clothing inventory software will come into play. This type of software can keep track of what you or your distributors have on hand, what is selling quickly, and anticipate your business’ needs before ever running out of a product.

When choosing an inventory software program, you should consider the program’s cost, features, and how well it will work with your business model. Additionally, you should look at whether it will be compatible and integrate well with any other types of software you use, including payment gateways and accounting programs.

Standardized Accounting

When you operate a business, you must have some way of keeping track of money coming in (accounts receivable) and money going out (accounts payable.) This is important for tax purposes as well as to help you see any changes that need to be made.

Keeping a track of all bills and payments is no easy task and many e-commerce stores opt to simply keep records on a spreadsheet. This is great if your store happens to stay small, but if you experience unexpected growth, this method could become a problem, causing your CPA to spend far more time working on your finances (which costs you more money.)

Instead of trying to keep up with all transactions through a spreadsheet or other overly simple accounting system, you need to invest in accounting software. Doing this will allow you to standardize how you keep track of money which makes it easier to see how your business is performing at a quick glance.

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Some of the best accounting programs are free or extremely low-cost and will allow you to set up a way to invoice customers, complete paid-outs, and keep track of which bills have been or need to be paid. You also can keep errors to a minimum and correct any mistakes quickly before they become a much larger problem.

Automate Your Online Presence

Your business probably sees plenty of traction from social media like Facebook and Instagram. You may also notice that your blog is driving traffic to your site and helping your conversion rates.

Unfortunately, you also probably spend a ton of time perfecting each post and figuring out the perfect time in which to share the information. With the automation of your social media accounts, you can create a number of posts and set them to release at the times when most of your users are active.

You can also choose to re-post articles or images that have previously engaged customers or choose to share blog posts to your social media sites without actually having to do any extra work. This is beneficial because it gives your brand consistency in how often its seen and keeps customers engaged and always on the lookout for what’s coming next.

If you are hard-pressed to write blogs or unsure of how to do so, there are several writing services that will create quality content for your site. Typically, this content is SEO-friendly which will help you rank better on search results. This is an easy way to drive traffic to your site and fulfill the need for social media posts.

Finding the Right Combination for Your Ecommerce Site

Each of these suggestions will help you improve your online fashion business, even if only partially implemented. The idea behind each of these tools is to help you work smarter, not harder and to improve your customers’ experience.

By improving your customers’ experience, you will find that you receive repeat business and a constant flow of new buyers. This is crucial to sustaining and growing your business without having to constantly invest large sums of money.

The best part about each of these suggestions is that they are cost-friendly and will save you money as well as time in the long run. Also, you don’t even have to implement all of these tools at once - you can choose to use them as you need them and slowly work them into your business model until your eCommerce site practically runs itself!


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