Gift-giving sounds fun until you have to wrack your brain out to find the perfect present. There has to be the ideal equation to help you out, right? It has to be something well thought out, not just something so general that might make it seem like you don't care about the recipient.

Every Christmas, birthday, christening, graduation, wedding, and what have you, the problem is the same: What is the right gift to get them? If they have a list of items they want, it’s easy. But, unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

To help you out, here are a few gift ideas that your loved ones are sure to love:

1. Something personalized

Gifts are supposed to be personalized to some extent anyway. So, it would be best if you put in extra thought into finding them something that will suit their interests, personality, or situation.

It can also mean that you’re getting them something personalized by altering the design to make it perfect for their taste. Here are a few personalized gift ideas to wrap up and send out:

  • Put a name on it – Getting their name on clothing, a tote bag, or any other item is the simplest way to personalize a gift item. A mug with a name on it is perfect for someone working in an office to keep workmates from using it!
  • Printing other kinds of text – If you’re sure that a name isn’t something that the recipient wants, you can also think of adding a text from his favorite song or a quote he likes. It would also be fun to add a catchphrase he always says.
  • Getting a picture on it – Going the extra mile? You can also have a photo that means a lot to them printed on the item.
  • Adding design – There are all kinds of designs you can find on the internet. Just make sure that you’re allowed to print it for free. It would also be more appreciated if you can get the design created for them. If they like a specific art style or artist, you can commission their printed works. You can even have the artwork printed on the item you want to gift them.

2. Gifts that give back

If giving a gift is already going to make a positive impact. Why not make it double? Charitable gifts have the added value of supporting a cause. That is why many companies allocate part of their revenues to various social causes to support back to society or the environment. So if you decide to make a gift with this double intention, check beforehand which of your gifts will allocate a part to these charitable causes.

3. Make it yourself

Gifting someone a DIY gift could show someone that you put in the effort. However, it can go both ways. They might love it and appreciate the time and work you put into it, or it might look awful, and they might hate it.

fun diy gift

If you’re great at creative and artistic projects, then this might work in your favor. On the other hand, if you’re not that great at crafts, you might want to skip this. But, if you’ve decided on making them something, there are plenty of easy-to-follow DIY projects.

4. Gifts from the fan-base

This is an easy way to make sure that they love your gift. The key is to listen and to observe if they belong to a fan-base. Most of the time, fans can’t shut up about their interests anyway. Whether it’s Star Wars, Disney, a favorite artist, or a superhero, you can’t miss it. Official merchandise, collectibles, or toys are usually easy to find. Just make sure to double-check with their close friends or partners to make sure you don’t gift them something they have.

5. Get something techy

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile device or a computer. Getting an accessory for these items is a practical idea. Phone cases, headphones, earphones, or whatever you think will suit their preferences will be much appreciated. For instance, if you see that they have a Nintendo Switch, you can get them a case for it. Music lovers will especially love a pair of headphones with excellent sound quality. It all depends on what tech devices you often see them use.

6. Sticking to the trend

To find a gift for a teenager or someone who follows trends, make sure to check out what’s popular or what’s new. Now, you have to be careful with this as it’s necessary to still stick to that person’s interests. If he loves movies, you might want to give streaming devices. If they like to cook, a cast-iron skillet might be the way to go. Someone who goes to the gym or plans to might also find a Fitbit a fantastic gift.

7. Planned activities

You might be having a hard time finding a gift for someone if they don’t particularly love material things or if they’re minimalist! For these people, fun new activities are the way to go. Again, the key to this is to know what they want to try out. Perhaps they’ve been ranting about how much they want to try a new restaurant or a spa. If they’re adventurous, you could even book them some skydiving lessons. There’s no shortage of fun activities to try out, and the best part is that you don’t even have to use wrapping paper!

8. Going eco-friendly

Just like people who aren’t fond of material things or are minimalists, someone who is eco-conscious is a little trickier when it comes to gift-giving. The key to finding the perfect gift for him is to do your research on a shop or company. Thankfully, tons of companies produce eco-friendly products. Bar shampoos and conditioners are quite popular these days. You can also look for shops or Etsy stores that make repurposed or recycled items. For instance, there’s a record clock made from an old vinyl record. It’s an exciting piece of art, it’s functional, and it’s great for the environment. Just make sure to recycle paper when wrapping it up to show that you care about the lifestyle that they live too!

9. Gift baskets

Finally, we have the easiest one of all: the gift basket. What’s great about this is that you can put in various items that you think will make them happy. From items that they’ll consider are fun to practical things, you can include everything that reminds you of them. You can even put in a combination of items that you find in this list. The most important thing is that it reflects how much you kept them in mind while putting the basket together.


Shopping is the easiest part of gift-giving. The hardest part is paying attention to the person; observing or listening to him is essential. You can also talk to those close to them to get an idea of what to gift them. It helps to note things down whenever they mention something they like. This way, you don't have to rush when gift shopping.


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