Collection of useful gadgets and creative accessories that you can purchase for your iPhone or iPod touch. There is no doubt that the iPhone is a revolutionary device, so you need accessories that match them. So if it’s cool, useful, or both, it’s on this list. I was really amazed to see how new ideas and concepts keep coming out whether they hit the market or are just concept ideas to the fan of the iPhone. You will find in article the most unusual, stylish and creative iPhone accessories designed for your favorite gadget and make you stand out of the crowd.

Thanksgiving is over and the holiday shopping season is in full swing. With this in mind, we present our list of the top iPhone accessories . So whether you're stuck for what to get a friend or relative for Christmas, or feel like treating yourself, read on for some inspiration. They’ll make great gifts for a loved one or yourself.

If you're looking to enhance your iPad experience, you may want to check out this article on modern trends and accessories for your device. Our curated list features the top 30 creative and innovative accessories that can help you unleash the full potential of your iPad.

The Little Black Book for iPhone

From the inside out, our Little Black Book for iPhone, begins with a precision cut frame. Shaped from Baltic Birch these hard cases include all the functionality you’ll need including hearing Siri's cybernetic voice! This LBB retains all of the features you love, but we've added a nifty internal pocket to hold up to 2-3 credit or ID cards. Just as our Little Black Books are like a cloaking device for your phone, this new card pocket is so discreet you might forget it is there. Introducing our newest Little Black Book for iPhone.

Wallet for iPhone Owners

BookBook for iPhone is a wallet and iPhone case rolled into one pocket-sized, vintage book. Open this beautifully designed leather book and you will see a wallet on the left and a slot for your iPhone on the right. Trade your wallet for this handsome little book and you’ll have one less thing in your pocket or purse when you walk out the door. And, as long as you remember your phone, you’ll never forget your wallet again.

iPhone DSLR

iPhone video shot using a $90 Canon EF 50mm f1.8 DSLR lens on the EnCinema SLR Lens Adapter attached to the OWLE Bubo and Vid-Atlantic. It uses the Owle Bubo and the EnCinema SLR Lens adapter to mount SLR Photographic lenses to your iphone or ipod touch 4G. Video Test.

Felt XBox 360 Case

Protect your gadget with this XBox360 console felt case! Made of white and grey 1 mm felt. Lining, top and bottom are grey. Front curved design is lightly stuffed with fiberfill. It has a velcro closure. Entirely handsewn.

The iPhone Lens Dial

A complete three-lens optical system for serious iPhoneographers.

If you're anything like us, a trip to the Optometrist is a real treat. It's like a Photographer's dreamland! Full of big, beautiful, and fascinating optical gadgets. The iPhone Lens Dial boasts three optical-quality coated glass lenses: Wide Angle, Fisheye, and Telephoto. All wrapped up in a slim aircraft-grade aluminum jacket equipped with two tripod mounts (for portrait or landscape shots). To switch between lenses just rotate the disc! Best part: the lenses never leave your phone, so they're always at the ready.

Spoon and Fork iPhone Stands

Created from recycled cutlery, these cool Apple iPhone stands will look great in any modern kitchen. iSpoon and iFork are available for $30 each at the ForkedUpArt etsy store.

iPhone Arcade Joystick

Miss your console? Fling mini gives you the feel of an analog joystick, so your games feel even more immersive. When the screen illuminates, Fling mini melts away and the screen shines through, keeping you on top of all the action. Fling mini is a pair of joysticks for iPhone, iPod touch, or Android devices. It gives you controls you can touch for any game that has an on-screen joystick.

iRetrofone iPhone Dock

The iRetrofone Base is a fully-functional, stationary iPhone dock with working handset and complete compatibility with USB cable. Each individual iRetrofone is hand-sculpted and hand-cast in urethane resin. The iRetrofone base is made of heavy-duty, half-inch thick urethane resin creating a stable, functional work station that routes voice communications through the included handset.

Stand for Apple Devices

Andrew Kim has designed a stand that can hold multiple Apple products. Made out of acrylate polymer and birch plywood, the “Polyply” stand has enough room for an iPad, iPod Classic, iPhone 4, and a stylus.

iShoe iPhone Case

Creative iPhone cases from Korea come with colorful shoelaces.

Steampunk Apple iPhone Case

Amazing steampunk-themed iPhone Case features useful storage space for your documents and money.

The Nerd Herder gadget wallet

The perfect all-in-one solution for digital cameras, iPhones, Droids, Blackberry, iPods and cell phones on the go! Little pockets round up your earbuds, SD cards, USB devices, jump drives, guitar picks and lip balm.

360° Panoramic Lens for iPhone

Dot 360 is a stylish, durable and downright pocketable 360º (panoramic) lens attachment and app for the iPhone 4. Dot 360 lets your iPhone capture immersive, fully navigable, panoramic video in real-time – and share with friends on your phone, as well as on Facebook and Twitter, or streamed online using our awesome panoramic video web platform and player.

Vintage Camera iPhone Cover Sticker

Vintage Camera iPhone 4 Sticker. Made specifically for the iPhone 4. Easy to install.

Printed on bubble free vinyl, laminated for a lasting protection and to protect against color fading.

iPhone Denim Case

We use it in many ways, in skirts, jackets, jeans. And why not dress your iPhone? Timeless and is very endurable.

Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle and Telephoto iPhone Lenses

The iPhone 4’s camera is pretty phenomenal and the 5 is only looking to improve its quality. Take your camera to the next level by adding these fun little lenses onto your phone and create dynamic shots. They attach via a removable magnetic ring that attaches to your camera so they are compatible with any camera phone and not just the iPhone’s. The great thing about this is that given the proper conditions, your iPhone 4’s pictures could potentially rival those of a much more expensive DSLR.

Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 Case

Design wise, the Keyboard Buddy is fairly sleek, especially considering that it adds a full hardware keyboard to the back of the device. The sliding mechanism is very solid, and there's a satisfying click as you open and close it. The whole kit has a matte black, soft touch finish that adds a nice grip to the all-glass iPhone 4.

iPod/iPhone Pouch (padded) Lincoln's handwriting

This pouch, designed to keep your precious electronic device protected from dust and scrapes, is made out of a cotton print depicting part of Abraham Lincoln's famous Civil War speech: the Gettysburg Address. The printed handwriting is sepia-toned and the sleeve's background color is antique beige. The pouch itself is lined with quilted, unbleached cotton and its closure consists of a tortoise shell imitation button and a dark brown cord.

Hologram Keyboard for iPhone

Here's a look at the new Celluon Magic Cube Laser projection table keyboard. Head over to this video to view this awesome keyboard in action! Enjoy!

Gold iPhone Case

A diamond encrusted carbon fiber and gold iPhone case from German company GnG Designs, which costs 77,777 euros.

Make your own Cardboard iPhone Dock

If you do not want to spend any money, you can always make your own iPhone dock out of cardboard. To make your own you will need a sheet of A4 cardboard, some sharp scissors or a craft knife, a printer and your iPhone dock cable that came with your 3G iPhone.

iPhone Tactile Keyboard

Even though our iPhone enthusiasts are used to typing on glass with no tactile feedback, nothing beats having real old skool style buttons to mash your thumbs on. Now you can have the best of both worlds with the TK-421 iPhone case with flip-out keyboard. This case has a handy built in keyboard that rotates out when needed. Use it for e-mails, texting, apps. It's almost like your iPhone gained an extra super power!


The product page for the Phonofone III describes the device as "an elegantly designed passive amplifier crafted from ceramic and designed explicitly for iPhone. This clever device amplifies the volume emited from an iPhone internal speaker roughly 4x."

Wood Camera iPhone 4 Case

The Wood Camera iPhone Case uses the natural sheen of wood to fancify your phone and an old-school camera engraving to up your photo-taking cred. Each case is surface engraved using lasers! The result: a sleek wooden base with a carving so intricate that your fingertips will be convinced they're holding a real camera.

iPhone Table

Cool table allows you to control an iPhone with a large touchscreen. The iPhone is attached via the standard dock connector – immediately after it is attached, the magic starts to happen. The entire content of the iPhone’s screen will be projected onto the multitouch table, still giving full access to all the touch gestures using multitouch technology.

Match Your iPhone Case To Your Kicks

Here's a fashion tip that's certain to turn heads. The tight slide and smooth glide of an iPhone 'Incase' is a must have if you're all about gadget protection. Pulling off a classic mix-and-match affair with your iPhone case and a new pair of Nike Air Max is certain to land you a top spot on VH1's 'Tool Academy'.

Pocket Watch iPhone Case

DBM case from De Bethune adds a clock to the back of your phone.

iPhone Grip

Game controller inspired product will add extra grip to your iPhone.

iPhone Holder

Vyne is a hands-free viewing accessory for the smartphone. It is designed to be worn sitting down in a stationary position for viewing media content for an extended period of time. Constructed of a flexible elastomer neck and plastic clip, Vyne allows users to easily watch movies, slideshows, and video calls in a variety of configurations & locations with maximum comfort and minimum fatigue.


Horn shaped iPhone speaker, designed by Italian company en&is, allows you to listen to your favorite music without headphones.Ceramic megaphone will amplify the sound of your iPhone or iPod Touch. It does not use any electricity and comes with elegant wooden stand.

Belt Buckle and Holster iPhone

Who needs a pocket when you can wear your brand new iPhone as an awesomely designed belt buckle? This amazing piece works either as a belt buckle but also comes complete with attachments to make it into a belt or pocket holster. Your phone sits secure inside the brass or aluminum sheath and when you want to use your phone simply flip the case top and remove your iPhone for use. The sides are inlaid with beautiful Pau Ferro wood. The top moves easily on stainless steel hinges and is held firmly shut with a strong rare earth magnet.

Transparent iPhone 4 Case Mod

Here are a few pictures of some pretty nice transparent iPhone 4 case mode.

iPhone Hoodie

This awesome iPhone case will add style and protection to your iPhone. Hoodie Case for iPhone, Smart Phones, iPod Touch & iPod and anything else you want!

iPhone Wood Docking Station

If you are a naturalist, then you would probably love this Cedar wood dock from WoodTec. handmade from real Cedar wood, this dock for iPhone/iPod lets you “reconnect with nature as you charge you Apple devices.” compatible with all iPhones and iPod with the exception of Shuffle, the dock features a standard USB plug to charge and sync with your computer.

Are you planning to purchase an iPhone? What iPhone accessories will you be adding?


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