You may think that it’s a challenge to creative a working environment that is conducive to creativity, but it's not. Just look at the Google and Disney offices for inspiration. In fact, you can have a creative corporate office space for your employees pretty easily if you follow the tips below.


First things first, creatives are going to need a light, bright environment to work it. That means dingy basement offices are out. Choose a location that has as much natural light as possible. Preferably modern in design, with floor to ceiling picture windows.

Not only will this encourage hard work, but it will also allow your team to see thing things that they are creating in as much natural light as possible. Which can help with color choices and the general aesthetic.


Next, consider the layout for your corporate creative space. The most popular type of layout for this sort of environment is an open plan one. Which allows teamwork and collaboration. While still providing individual workstations for people to inhabit.

creative office space design

Contemporary Office Space In California Blends Creativity With Indoor Green

For this, you will need some modular desk units as well as chairs and dividers to provide a little privacy for when it's time to buckle down and get that project done.

The right tools

Obviously, it’s not just about the furniture either, as the right equipment is vital in any creative space. That means knowing what the industry standard is in terms of computers, drawing boards and software.

Many creative prefer to use Mac systems for things like illustration, animation, 3D rendering, and movie making. Of course, you don't have to have these on offer in your office space. But if you don't you need to be prepared from some teething troubles that can occur when transferring files from one type to another.


One of the most stand out things about a creative office is that they tend to steer clear of the boring and normal. In fact, creativity and quirkiness are encouraged.

You may choose to do this through the style of furniture or building that you choose. The color schemed that you put in place or some extra decorative features like plants, prints, or other artwork that really sums up what you style is.

Chill out zones

Also, as the creative process is quite different from the traditional work process, it may be advantageous to create a space away from the areas of industry in which to chill out and relax in.

These are useful; not only because they lower stress and provide a space for your team to bond in. But also because the down time elements in the creative process can be as valuable as the nose to the grindstone ones.

This is because ideas and solution don't always come when they are forced, but have a habit of popping into people's heads when they are distracted and thinking about something else. By providing a space for this to happen, you can augment the process, and so your results as a well.


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