Would you like to be a pro in writing motivation letters or scientific papers? Here is a list of regular online courses to help you start writing without mistakes.

Learn Grammar and Punctuation in the University of California, Irvine

A good text is, first and foremost, a literate one. The course includes video lectures, reading materials, and tests that will teach you the basics of writing in English. A lot of attention is paid to verb tenses and using adverbs. The course will show you how to use different types of sentences in writing and, most importantly, explain the rules of punctuation. It’s suitable for beginners, and it will take 10 hours.

You Will Know How to Create Texts for Target Audience at Arizona State University

A compelling text must be understandable and sensitive to the target audience for which it is written. This course is based on the analysis of genres and techniques of their writing—students will learn to write texts in different styles and address each time to a new target audience, as well as select the facts about which it is worth or not worth writing.

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Write Like a Pro After Completing the Academic and Business Writing Course at the University of California, Berkeley

This is the most advanced course: students will learn different styles of writing, practice grammar, and expand their vocabulary. A particular emphasis is placed on developing reading and text editing skills. This course is aimed at intensive development of business and academic writing skills, so students will have to complete a lot of small writing assignments, take tests, and keep a journal. Students who need to write piles of essays and reports can enroll in this course if they want to write papers on their own without looking through essay pro reviews in search of assistance. Frankly speaking, ordering an essay is appropriate when you are in a hurry.

You Will Be Taught to Write Scientific Papers in English at Tsinghua University

The program of this course will be of interest to those who are involved in research or teaching at university. It will also be useful for students: the material will help write course works and diplomas. Much attention is paid to the principles of preparing research papers, selecting research topics, and applying for grants.

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking at the University of Washington

While this course focuses primarily on the techniques of preparing for public speaking, it can also be used for writing exercises. The program aims to learn how to express yourself clearly in any situation, as well as to build a narrative plan. The organizers promise that newcomers to the course will quickly learn the basics, and speakers with experience will be able to move to the next level.

The Teachers of Georgia State University Will Teach You To Write Emails and Memos

This course is dedicated to the principles of electronic correspondence. The creators of the course distinguish five types of such documents: guidelines, preliminary and complete reports, minutes of negotiations, and responses to inquiries. The course participants will learn how to write working messages and how to define the type and mood of a conversation partner in one email.


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