As a freelance writing professional, you need to come up with the best results every time you take up a project. A smooth writing process ensures great final results which in turn boost your freelancing profile rating and reviews. Therefore, it’s vital to choose the best software that can assist you in every writing and editing project with an almost-human like finishing.

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Content Writing is a challenging task that requires conducting necessary research to write compelling content. Writers are often faced with the challenge of constantly improving their skills and finding tools to improve their writing and earn a decent living from it. Writers require a great deal of discipline alongside dedication.

It is important to establish a regular writing routine. There are also easily available tools online to drastically improve your writing, and ensure that you produce quality content for your audience. These content writing tools are perfect for writers who write different types of content and can be applied to any niche.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most powerful yet simplistic content writing tools out there for writers at every level. It allows the writer to correct grammatical errors easily and advise on the correct use of words and phrases.

The internet-based application works well on any device. It allows the writer to make their writing more readable to an online audience and improve the consistency of tone in your writing. For instance, it is a great assistance when you have to write a challenging essay and you are on the way to pay someone to write your essay. However, using this tool, you can gauge the content and indicates the level of formality and professionalism in your essay.

Correspondence and social media are also a cornerstone of the writer’s daily life and career, and Grammarly works on every website you need to write, including social media. The free version is very efficient to use, and there is also a premium version which is quite reasonable as one of the best content writing software.

2. HubSpot Topic Generator

HubSpot Topic Generator is one of the top content writing software and offers an awesome way to automate a title for your next blog post. As writers, we may conjure up a compelling article and mess it up with a weak title that barely catches the reader’s attention.

A good title is not clickbait. Click baiting readers will not earn you a good reputation as a writer. This tool is an innovation to ease the pressure of creating the perfect title for your post that genuinely reflects the core subject of your article.

The tool requires you to enter a set of keywords, including three nouns relevant to your niche. The tool then uses your keywords to create a title for your post.

3. GoogleDocs

GoogleDocs is growing in popularity among writers as a free content writing tool and is fast replacing PC native word processors. GoogleDocs is a content writing software that works across devices and is highly intuitive, making it simple to conduct research while you write and add relevantly.

The templates in GoogleDocs are simple to use, and the text editor is very accurate and allows for improvement as you write. GoogleDocs also features an easy collaborative tool that allows different people to work on a document and provide live updates.

It also works offline, and you can integrate additional plugins to improve your writing. GoogleDocs’ sister apps are GoogleSheets and GoogleSlides for spreadsheets and presentation, which are simple and elegant to use.

4. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is ideal for writers who mostly write for the web and need free content writing tools. It allows you to generate keyword planning that is relevant to your niche and ensure that you attract readers through SEO.

If your audience finds you easily, it is likely that they will return to your site to read more content because you are relevant to their searches. Google Keywords allows you to plan a set of keywords by assessing searches related to your niche and providing relevant phrases to your writing.

The tool is free to use and offers insightful data on trends, search terms, and the competitive edge of certain keywords and terms.

Keyword optimization alone do not guarantee that your content will impress the audience so you need to ensure quality in the writing as well. For that, you need to ensure good English level and see that your web content is plagiarism-free.

5. Canva

Canva is one of the most intuitive online visual tools out there, as a writer - you may want to create visual content without having to hire a designer. Canva provides simple tools to create visual content for novice designers and creating presentable content for readers.

It is a simple tool to create attractive content for social media platforms, especially image-based platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Canva is a simple way to also create visuals for your blog without violating copyright laws.

Every writer needs content writing tools free, which are easy to use. With Canva, you can purchase elements for a dollar each.


Content writing should be as fun to create as it is to read it. Adding these tools can improve your content to attract more readers. Content writing software offers a way for you to focus more on telling a story, and worrying less about technicalities. As you consistently produce good content for your readers, the more you will be trusted as a subject matter expert. These tools allow for an easy process in creating engaging content that is worthy of a bookmark.


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