As much as college and university life can tend to be tiring and boring, it is up to you to make it exciting and make the most out of your time. You will be happy to realize that it is not made up of only tedious analytical writings. You can still engage in creative writing, which is not only fun, but a perfect way to jog your brain and improve your artistic skills.

Creative writing is the perfect way to improve your self-expression skills, confidence and communication, and persuasion skills. The exercise will also help you boost your imagination, and it is also suitable for your physical, mental, and emotional health. For this, students should engage in more creative writing. If you feel like you do not have enough time to concentrate on this, probably due to a load of assignments and research papers, you should hire a professional essay writer and let the expert handle the technical tasks as you focus on creative writing.

However, creative writing itself is not as easy as it may sound on the ground. Remember that the essay is your imagination that will be read by other individuals. You should, therefore, make it as interesting to the reader as possible. If you are looking to sharpen your creative writing skills, here are a few tips to make that more comfortable for you.

Think about the reader

The first and most crucial tip even before you start working on your paper is to think about your reader. What feelings or emotions do you want to evoke? Your readers are the most important persons in this, and you must, therefore, do your best to get them satisfied. For starters, determine your target audience. It could be a lecturer, so in this case, you have to ensure that the essay answers the lecturer's question effectively. Remember that the lecturer set the subject, and they expect your answer to match their expectations. Additionally, the essay must be original and very unpredictable. You want to surprise the lecturer with a great approach and structure but do not get out of topic.

Pick an interesting topic

When brainstorming ideas, you have to think of something interesting. Again, you must ensure that you remain relevant to the question. Creative writing is all about imagination and creating and providing readers with visual ideas of your expression. The best way to brainstorm ideas is by creating a mind map to help you create a connection between points to come up with a compelling essay.

The structure

Now that you already have a topic and ideas on what to write, it is time to work on the essay structure. You should focus on the tree-act structure to help you come up with a good essay structure. A good essay structure entails a set-up, which is more like a character establishment, a confrontation which is the character turning point, and the resolution, which entails the climax of the story. You should ensure that everything is included in the structure and that you provide a good argument for each point. Do not mix up the formation such that the resolution comes before the set-up or confrontation. You want a good story flow, and that is only achievable with a good structure.

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Go for an attention-grabbing introduction

The introduction or essay opening is the most critical part of an essay. It will determine if the reader will want to keep reading the article or not. The first paragraph, to be precise, can capture the reader's attention or turn it off. The introduction should not make everything else predictable, such that after reading the first paragraphs, the reader can already tell how the story ends. You can start with a flashback and add some suspense such that the readers want to read more and learn what happens.

Make the set-up interesting

Remember that you will be giving an imaginative story of something that occurred at a particular set-up. Just because it is imaginative, it does not mean that it should be boring. Add some spice to make exciting and add as many details as you can.

With this, you are good to start your creative essay, and you can trust that it will turn out to be as impressive as you imagined it to be. Do not forget to edit the draft and make it error-free. Creative essay writing is a perfect way to spend your free time as it can significantly help you improve in other areas of your studies. All the best!


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