UX design refers to User Experience, while UI design means User Interface. More often than not, UX/UI design has become the game changer in online businesses. Expectations around enterprises and customers have increasingly become evident. While this has been the case, significant efforts must be put into place to ensure online enterprises have a competitive edge.

Times are changing, so business executives have to adjust to stay relevant. Having an excellent web development company design your site can help you increase your profits ten folds. Here are the benefits of having your business website developed on the latest UX/UI designs.

1. Increased Productivity

Have you ever wondered why customers would prefer certain websites over others when buying online? Well, an excellent user interface is one of the core things customers would be looking forward to whenever they are navigating on your website. Regardless of whether the price and quality of products are the same, 75% of people are likely to shy away when they encounter challenges in an online buying site.

business website ux ui design

Furniture Landing by Faria

Your business would only succeed when the website design is geared towards the end users. A friendly interface that addresses all the visitors’ need is likely to convert them into customers.

The more your web development strategy incorporates an easy to use interface with a reduced number of steps and clear call to action buttons, the more your productivity is within the bounds of possibly increasing.

Nonetheless, you would be able to have an automated buying protocol that ensures you keep your customers satisfied. Similarly, by automatically updating them on the latest available products, your profits are likely to skyrocket in no time when they make a purchase.

2. Increased Customer Acquisition

Excellent customer experience on a website gives the site an edge when it comes to attracting traffic. Great UI/UX designs are equally as important as the products being sold. Customers need to be acquainted with every product they wish to buy.

3. How would you achieve this?

Ensuring your enterprise is built on a beautiful and intuitive site, you’re likely to draw in more customers. Letting visitors feel your website is theirs to use may keep them intrigued and encourages them into buying more. This can be achieved with UI/UX designs that allow adding relevant images and videos, showing how your products are the best in the industry.

As a result, people would be confident to use your site, and more importantly, keep coming back. This means the possibility of increased profits and more business.

4. Lower Support Cost

Are you looking to eliminate the cost of intense IT experts in your enterprise? Well, having IT experts on a regular payroll isn’t every entrepreneur’s wish. However, some poorly developed websites make this inevitable.

Customers prefer to have round the clock personalized customer service whenever they have queries. It would be disheartening if a customer would have to wait for long before getting assistance. With automated responses on UX/UI design, your website would be in a position to send timely responses, or better still, direct them on how best to have their problem automatically solved.

Ensuring your web development strategy has set mechanisms to process data would definitely come in handy. Placing orders and making payments manually requires a lot of time and labor to get them done. Luckily, these processes can be automated with savvy web interfaces. In the same vein, with the need to follow up on customers after they make purchases, UI/UX designs would be able to help you get it done more effortlessly with automated emails.

5. Save time

As an entrepreneur, you want things not only done well but also fast.

Tracking customer's experiences on your product after every purchase can be hard. You’re faced with the challenge of following each customer, and in some instances, you may not be able to reach them. With an apprehensive UI/UX design in place, your website would be created with a section where you would ask customers to rate your product.

business website developed on the latest ux ui design

Optimal brigade-10 by Strive

Similarly, you would also have them give their suggestions on how they would wish you improve on your service delivery. This way, you will be able to adjust to specific areas and grow your business without spending much time in conducting surveys.


In a nutshell, with technology changes happening rapidly, it’s important for entrepreneurs to embrace the benefits that UX/UI designs bring to businesses. Continually honing your site and leveraging new models is within the bounds of increasing customers.


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