In today’s industry, it is essential that you can make people aware of your brand. Once they see who you are and what you have to offer, the chances of increasing sales are much higher. Unfortunately, the competition is fierce and standing out from the crowd is not as easy as it appears. After all, lots of businesses don’t have the money to compete with their bigger rivals. What you do have, however, is creativity and this can make up for your small budget. Let’s face it; what is the point of money if you don’t know how to use it?

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Now that you are competing on a level playing field, all you have to do is channel your creative side. With that in mind, below are six ways a vivid imagination can boost traffic to your website. Sometimes, it is essential to think outside of the box.

#1: Post Semi-Regular Content

Experts argue between posting regular content and leaving the customer wanting more. The truth is that both have negatives. For example, too much content will bore the reader and the novelty and excitement factor will soon wear thin. But, too little content is not going to keep them coming back for more. Why would it when there is nothing new to read or view? The creative solution is to post content on a quasi-regular basis. Then, the content should fill a gap without cramming it yet won’t overwhelm your users. Of course, semi-regular content doesn’t work if the posts are not engaging or original. So, make sure they have character and personality as the main theme.

#2: Use Video More Often

One video-related fact which is hard to dispute is that videos are difficult to ignore. You will know that once you come across one, you click on it out of habit. Indeed, Google has a created a video content monster out of this practice. So, it only makes sense that you jump on the bandwagon. However, to ensure there is a sense of creativity, don’t just rehash similar vids. Instead, think about your target base and make content which relates to their issues. Also, don’t forget to add in solutions to send them wild. Oh, and if you think a video production company is necessary, think again. Nowadays, people prefer self-made videos as they are relatable. Plus, the cameras on smartphones are of a high-quality.

#3: Build A Community

The key to generating a traffic jam is getting people back on a daily basis. Yes, written and interactive content helps, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. The foundation of any high volume of traffic is a community. Do you know why billions of people visit YouTube? It’s because of the content, yet it is also because they can comment and converse with other users. If you want to break the internet, you must add a sense of community to your site. You can start by creating a message board of a forum. That way, people who sign up can start threads and reply to one another’s questions and queries. To pique their interest, you can begin a daily or weekly topic of conversation. It could be anything from current affairs to sports, but it doesn’t matter as long as it is topical.

#4: Ask For Contributions

It is human nature to do things because they suit your interests. You know it, the customers know it, and we all know it. But, people act like it isn’t the case, and it is to their detriment. Companies which understand the dynamic can exploit it to their benefit – fact. All you have to do is provide the customer or user with added value at every turn. A great example is to ask people to write articles on a topic and post the best ones. Or, you could start a segment where users come up with witty anecdotes and put the funniest ones on the site. Even using feedback is an excellent way to increase traffic because users need unbiased sources to make decisions. Let’s face it; everyone likes to see their name in lights.

#5: SEO Searches Through Their Eyes

Search engine optimisation is not a secret. Indeed, up to 80% of browsers ignore paid ads for organic search results. This stat alone is enough to suggest SEO is an essential part of your strategy. But, coming up with a bog standard plan is not going to cut the mustard what with the amount of competition on the market. For your search engine optimisation and marketing ploy to work, you have to channel your inner audience. To do this, you need to think like they would when they search the Web. One way to fit the brief is to imagine what they look like and how they talk. That way, you can implement their search terms throughout the site. Another tactic is to meet up with customers and study their mannerisms to get a better understanding.

#6: Raid The Comment Section

Going through the section on your site and making comments won’t sit well. Sure, there are times when users like to see the company replying to threads, but they prefer a corporate-free comment section. No, you should go to other blogs and sites and infiltrate their forums. People post, read and reply to comments, and this is no secret. So, it is a savvy move to use your rival’s comment sections to your advantage. All you have to do is like an article and drop a line or two explaining why. Oh, and if there is a tag line explaining who you are and where you are from, all the better. Hopefully, their users will spot your post and be curious enough to check out your site. Just try to avoid coming across as tacky or devious as the users will see it and blackball the company. The trick is to appear as genuine and organic as possible.

Anyway, don’t let this post tell you how to think. Use your imagination and come up with even better ideas!


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