If you want to get your creative pieces of work out there, including your writing, your art, or your videos, then you need to focus on two things: Creating good content that you love, and also having some good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is what tells search engines that your content is valuable to the searcher, and the higher your SEO is, the more likely your website and content is going to be on the top of your searcher’s webpage.

For example, if you have a business where you draw pictures of pets and your potential customer types up “ drawn pet pictures near me” into their search engine, if your content has some of the keywords and optimizations that are good for SEO, then your website will pop up, making it more likely that the customer clicks on your link and buys from you.

seo for creatives complete guide

illustration by Haraki

So if you want to let people know about your creative activities, then you need to have a website and web content with good SEO. The only question is, how do you do that?

Look At Keywords

Keywords are like flares for search engines. The more keywords that you have that align with what your customers are looking for, the more likely your website will be picked up and displayed by the search engine. You can find keywords in several places, mostly by looking for keyword generators on the internet, but even without a computer you can make a good guess at what some keywords are.

Think about what it is you do for a business. For example, let’s say your business is sculpting with clay, and you sculpt pottery. Well, some of the keywords that your customer could be looking for might include: “clay sculpting”, “pottery sculptor”, “clay pottery sculpture” and “sculptor near me.”

Guessing keywords can be a great way to get into the minds of your customer, and you can even type some of these phrases into a search engine yourself and see what you find.

Put The Keywords In Your Content

Whether you write articles, blogs, or create social media posts or videos, you need to use keywords. They should fit naturally and make sense, because both your reader and the search engine is going to know whenever you are simply throwing keywords around with no reason behind them.

Instead, try to figure out some content that is related to one or more of your keywords, and then write about it. Provide value to the reader, but also ensure that your keywords have a prominent role in the content to improve the visibility of your digital presence.

Make Your Content Easy To Read

Finally, no one likes to see massive walls of text, unclear images, or hours of droning video footage. For your content to be recommended to readers and easily read, you need to make sure you get to the point quickly. Separate your text into short paragraphs and bullet points, make sure your art or image text is clear and in focus, and make your videos fun and exciting to watch.

This is going to ensure that your content gets in front of your readers, but also that those readers stay on your website and actually make use of your content or buy your product or service once they are done.

Work On SEO A Little Bit At A Time

Don’t go thinking that you need to optimize your entire website all at once. Instead you can focus on adding in keywords and making small changes one little bit at a time, and gradually work your way to having full optimization


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