The technology, rather the internet is to be held captive for this change. The fact that even you are searching out this article or reading it, is to serve your curiosity. If you look closely you will see that everyone is asking questions online. From a research student searching for papers to passionate people trying to learn something new, it's online. Authority created by the online sphere is responsible for making digital marketing agency the only go-to solution.

It is true that when we are deciding on our careers you can get a little confused and take your time to look through options. However, if you think you are sticking to digital marketing you are making the right decision. Remember, that digital marketing is not just two words, rather many. It typically means that you can choose from a number of options under digital marketing to pursue your future accordingly.

Opportunities in fields like digital marketing, data coding, and other computer-based jobs will come up. After the coronavirus outbreak, many jobs have suffered, while jobs like these are still untouched.

What is so special about marketing?

To begin with, as I have already told you digital marketing is a vast subject and it comprises some other branches. Rather, we can say that digital marketing is a group of people working together as one unit for producing the best advertisements. This doesn’t end there for making an advertisement, or promotion work a marketer has to spend hours researching.

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Now let’s talk about the team of markets that I mentioned in the previous paragraph. A successful digital marketing team includes one digital marketer, at least three graphic designers, five content writers, and six or more SEO strategy professionals. The vastness of this career is another reason why people get attracted to take up digital marketing as their career. Different members of the team have different roles, let’s explore it further-

  1. Digital Marketer - will keep track on what everyone else in the team is doing and make sure the target is met. To break it down further let’s put it like this- the marketer will ask the SEO team to research the market. They will see how their competitors are performing, who their clients are, and how much revenue they are generating.

    Further, they will check what kinds of content they are producing, traffic, retention rate, ROI, etc. This data then will be analyzed and a target will be set by the digital marketer. Suppose, looking at the market you calculate you have to increase the traffic 2x by the end of the month the rest of the team will work according to the given plan.
  2. Content Writers - If you are passionate about writing then this career is for you, but you have to be a team player as well. The content writer is one of the prime players of digital marketing, they are responsible for creating unique and engageable content. A content writer is supposed to write content, just like the one I am writing.

    Different content writers will have different tasks that they have to complete. This will include- blogs, scripts for vlogs, infographics, and website content. This profession has to be taken very seriously, as you have to have the right combination of smart and creative. A content writer has to know how to present content by inserting the keywords efficiently.
  3. Graphic Designers - The graphic designers will be the ones creating the creative images and infographics that land on social media. There is not much to say about them, however, they have a very interesting task. They design all the logos, graphics, illustrations, banners, etc. If the graphic designers went missing you will have to post content without images, the first impression part.

Further Segregation in Digital Marketing

It indeed is huge, almost as big as the internet. The branches of digital marketing grow from all products in the digital world.

  1. Ecommerce marketing

    The world has become mobile, and use of e-commerce sites have increased right after their inception in the market. Hence, many people focus on e-commerce platforms. This is where marketing will help these service pages to reach the right audience. Yes, research has to be conducted to find out who is your target audience. This helps in directing the marketing towards the right group of people, multiplying the reach.
  2. Search Engine Optimization

    Apart from the tasks mentioned earlier, they are also responsible for organic traffic, an important factor for online marketers. This has to be locked by searching out the keywords that are mostly used for a particular search. This then will be looked at and bid upon. Further, organic search has an affirmative report that 50% of the searches conducted using a mobile end up on a landing page.
  3. Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to market a product. Since it has been noted that the maximum of the customers is busy in their social media. Hence, they have to be informed about the product that you are selling. If you already have an online business it will be easy for you to land your customers on your page. And let them experience the products or services that you provide.


Begin with self-analysis, if you see merit in this profession. Explore yourself to find out how you fit here and how you will contribute to this industry.


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