If you have been in the SEO game for a long time now, then you have probably witnessed how the entire industry has evolved over the years. It seems only a few years ago when it was very easy to rank competitive keywords without even having a thorough knowledge of SEO. Now, things have become much more complicated. Numerous SEO agencies have emerged from all corners, each one promising to deliver the results you want using ground-breaking tactics. In reality, however, most of the techniques used by these SEO or web design agencies are all the same. We explain that while the fundamentals remain largely unchanged, there are plenty of underrated tactics that could immensely boost your rankings in the search listings.

seo tactics advice tips

1. Think of keywords as concepts rather than static phrases.

Many SEOs and content marketers have been stuck in the old keyword research strategy, which involves looking for the keywords used by their target market and incorporating these terms into the content published on their sites. Gone are the days when you can stuff a page with keywords and see it climb up the rankings within days. Search algorithms are now a lot smarter, so shift your keyword research strategy into mapping out keywords and understanding how your target consumers think.

This doesn’t mean keywords are no longer important. But you must stop looking at them merely as static phrases. You must view keywords as topics from which the thought process of your consumers emerges. Think about how people use keywords and integrate them into your content flawlessly. Keep in mind that when writing content, your priority should be to offer value to your online readers. Optimizing for search engines should only come second.

2. Use a responsive web design.

You should know by now that mobile searches have already surpassed desktop searches. This trend will likely go on in the foreseeable future, especially when you look at the ever-increasing sales of mobile devices. We emphasizes the effect of using a responsive web design on the overall user experience of online visitors regardless of the device they’re using. This can also help increase your rankings, with Google releasing their mobile-friendly algorithm and mobile-first index.

3. Use internal links.

Far too many webmasters undervalue the importance of internal links. They think that backlinks are all that matters, when in fact, internal links could very well be all they need to drive up their rankings. Don’t limit internal links to navigation links and “related posts” widgets. Just take a look at some of the most authoritative sites out there. All of them use internal links within their content, allowing for easy navigation for their online viewers while also making it easier for search engines to determine what the pages being linked to are all about.

4. Optimize page load speeds.

What do you do when a web page loads really slowly? Hit the back button, of course! That’s exactly what your target customers will do as well if your website isn’t fast. Always remember that internet users can be very fickle-minded. Fortunately, there are now numerous tools that can help you determine whether your site load speed is subpar. Some of these tools also offer suggestions as to how to make your website faster.

5. Make your page descriptions interesting.

When creating content, you shouldn’t put all your focus on the article itself. You should also make it a point that your page descriptions are interesting. This advice may seem obvious, but everyone can benefit from a little reminder. These descriptions appear below your URL in the search listings. They can have a huge impact on your conversion rates. SEO Reseller recommends avoiding aggressive and pushy wording like “Click Now!” Instead, create an accurate picture of what people will see when they click-through your website.

These are just 5 SEO tactics you should start employing now. By utilizing these underrated strategies, you can gain a competitive advantage and start dominating your niche in the search engine results pages.


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