No one wants this to happen, but business plans get delayed due to budget constraints all the time. This is especially true when you have set up your business only recently and are trying to expand your customer base and improve the online presence. However, fret not, for the following are top 6 strategies to grow your online business even when the money is tight:

1. Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is the cheapest form of online marketing but gets impressive results nonetheless. In fact, a number of studies have proven its effectiveness time and again. Its ROI is great, the investment is minimum, and if you are in the education or consumer products business then you can enjoy a unique open rate as high as 58% or 42% respectively, which is by no means small.

Also, it can help if you personalize your emails as they are found to generate six times higher transaction rates. Ensuring that your email marketing campaigns are working is not only cost-effective, but can also drive more traffic, leads, and eventually sales.

2. Social Media Campaigns

Another great way to expand your reach on the Internet is by promoting your brand on the social media. You are free to invest in social media influencers who can promote your products/services, or advertisement campaigns, etc. However, you don’t have to do any of it if you like.

You can simply create your company page and start sharing good quality content that others can see. You can also comment on other popular posts to attract new users to visit your page. If your content is helpful or entertaining, it will surely compel more people to like your page or become fans.

3. Building a Brand

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There are a great number businesses on the Internet trying to sell their products and to compete against them you must set yourself apart. A good branding can go a long way in that enterprise.

Many times, a brand can either make or break a business. Thus, yours should be simply unforgettable and send across a strong message.

Branding starts with a good business name and logo. For the name, pick one that’s interesting and doesn’t resemble another brand or product. For the logo, you can either get it done by a graphics designer or you can use an easy logo designer tool yourself to create one. There are many top-notch tools available on the internet that don’t even require you to know about high-quality photoshop actions, etc. However, it won’t hurt if you are familiar with them already.

You can grow your business much faster if you have a strong brand. Moreover, your customers will be proud to be associated with your company observing the professionalism and dedication.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Simply optimizing your website according to search engine preferences and rules alone can make a big difference in your online presence. Your average number of daily unique visitors can increase dramatically, the click-through rate will increase, and many more similar changes can take place. So, it’s definitely something to look into, especially when it’s quite simple and easy.

5. Creating a Blog

ux design of your mobile app

Google rewards active blogs with good online visibility and improved search engine rankings. So, if you haven’t started a blog already, it’s a good idea to start one now.

Naturally, you would want to create a blog that is related to your business. For instance, if you sell your paintings online, then you can create a blog on which you post tutorials on art and the accessories that you recommend, etc.

For the first few weeks, it’s possible that you don’t get little to no traction. However, this should not get your hopes down. If you will stick for a little longer, you are sure to get a good number of unique new visitors, some of which will convert to customers and help expand your business.

6. Collaboration

Sometimes the fastest way to grow your online business is to join hands with another business that can benefit from your partnership. So, if you are offering furniture in your local area, you can ink a pact with someone who is selling lighting fixtures or any other product/service that goes along with that.

If you are truly committed to your business, you will always find ways to execute your plans even when there is a lack of funds. The tips given above are just a few examples. Good luck!


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