Even before you get insights into what a Photoshop Action is and the benefits of stocking up on these, know that Photoshop Actions are an indispensable item in your resource box. Every designer who even remotely understands and works with or intends to work with Photoshop must have these.

So, coming to the obvious question, what is a Photoshop Action? Simply put, Photoshop Actions are a recording of a series of steps that you take while editing in Photoshop, that you can then apply to other images too.

Suppose, when you set out to edit any image in Photoshop, you

  • Resize to 400X600 px for easy integration.
  • Sharpen the image
  • Increase the overall contrast
  • Add watermark

This is your routine series of steps before going into deep editing. Your Photoshop Action – let’s name it as Basic Action – will then read these steps and store it so that the next time you use the Basic Action on your image, it would automatically do all the above 4 things.

What Photoshop Actions does is that it automates a series of commands and then applies the same on other images too saving you tons of time and efforts.

But that’s just scratching the surface, there are tons of other benefits of using Photoshop Actions in your work.

Benefits of using Photoshop Actions

Turns Beginners Into Pros

Competing with the big boys isn’t easy, especially if you are just starting off. A lot of Photoshop pros backed by years of experience and killer skills are unleashing the power of Photoshop in a way that has the Instagram community following their every move.

You’d have to put years of efforts to reach that point, or maybe not.

Photoshop Actions are a great way to get the pros to work for you. Use their creative genius in your work by applying Actions created by pros and you’d have a picture worth competing with theirs.

Great Learning Experience

If maybe that nagging inner voice in your head murmurs ‘Faker’ every time you use a Photoshop Action and pass one of your images as ‘professionally’ done-up, you can shut it up with two words: Learning Experience.

Photoshop Actions give you better insights into how Photoshop works. What are the steps taken to edit to create a certain type of image, and finally what happens when you merge these steps along with the others in a second (or third) Action.

It’s a way to get some hands-on knowledge by studying the work of others, mostly pros.

Simplifies the Editing Process

While obviously shaving considerable time from your overall editing process, it also helps you to create something different by combining techniques through applying different Photoshop Actions.

Every image is different, some might just need some basic editing while for some you’d have to unleash Photoshop’s deep-set prowess. Experimenting with different Actions would make an otherwise complex editing procedure easier.

Have Photoshop Actions started to sound a lot like a personal Photoshop Jeeves to you? It should because it is, they might lack Jeeves’ wits and humor but they definitely see to your important tasks, and yes might even save you from Photoshop complications.

Here’s a list of Photoshop Actions handpicked by our designers to help you get started:

Before After 4

Bundle of Free Photoshop Actions for Sports Effect

Do you eat, sleep, breathe sports and religiously post about it too? Then you’d absolutely love this set of Photoshop Actions that have been specifically created to enhance sports images.

Whether it’s skateboarding, baseball, surfing or desert safari, you can take your images to a whole new level with these Actions that works seamlessly on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC too.


Add Magic to Your Photos with 8 Free Photoshop Actions

Every image has the ability to be transformed into a masterpiece. And while you might have clicked a stunning shot of the sky or an intense street portrait, you can drastically magnify its look for the better with these Photoshop Actions.


From adding stronger contrast to enabling the colors to shine through, the end result is a bolder, more dramatic image that would catch eyeballs, and maybe even a couple of hundreds of double taps too. Download them for free here

Preview Image 2

15 Irresistible Free Photoshop Actions

Undoubtedly a favorite of a lot of our designers, and one of our most downloaded Photoshop Actions set, these 15 Photoshop Actions work through a variety of images. Need to add a diffused glow to a candid holiday click or highlight and bring out strongly a subject’s features? These Actions have you sorted.

From adding a tinge of retro with a yellow greenish look to going full noir with the black and white Action, you are going to love playing with this baby. Grab them for free here.

Family Pack Photoshop Action Preview 16

30 Free PS Actions For Family Portraits

Are you the family’s go-to photographer? From clicking pictures of duck-faced nieces to shooting your adorable toddler taking his first step? For every family’s underpaid-and-overworked photographer – a.k.a you – here’s the daddy of all Photoshop Actions especially created for enhancing family portraits.

A bunch of 30 (yep, that’s right) Photoshop Actions that will make everything better, and would have the family raving about your skills, even those who secretly hate you.

From creating lovely sun-kissed looks to sharpening and adding depth to portraits, these Actions are a must-have in your Photoshop toolbox. Create lovely photos by downloading these actions here.


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