Colors are the smiles of nature. The right colors in a photograph give you beauty, enthusiasm, fun, and dazzle; everything at once. This is why processing and enhancing your images the right way is super important.

Photoshop has a lot of options to bring out the best in your image, but it can get overwhelming. Moreover, it is not always convenient to go through every step of editing all the time. What to do?

You have Photoshop actions to save you. Quick, easy and simply amazing, these one-click wonders will transform your photos in one step. Simply put, Photoshop actions are a series of steps combined into one. They are one of the main tools used by professional photographers and graphic designers to save time and make their workflow a whole lot quicker.

The best thing about PS actions is that once you create one and save it, you can keep using it for all your images and get instant results. You can even use actions created by others!

Many such Photoshop actions can be found and downloaded online to get stunning results. Here are a few such Photoshop action packs from the photography store PhotoWhoa. Created by pro photographers themselves, these are products you have to have in your arsenal.

PhotoWhoa's Photoshop actions to boost your creativity!

Instead of straining your eyes for hours to process your images, you can actually have fun editing your photos to perfection using these sets of PS actions. You are now just a few clicks away from simplifying your editing and saving yourself loads of time!

Set of 8 Photoshop Actions for Portraits

You booked the model. You got her to pose. You set the perfect aperture value, got the background out of focus and got the composition right. It was all set.

But something was missing from the final image. It was still not the poster-type portrait with the pop you wanted.

Do not worry, it happens to everyone. What you need are a few tweaks here and there, and this set of 8 Photoshop Actions that will give your image the magic it deserves.

image 2

This set of 8 one-click PS actions won't cost you anything. It works with CS4 and above and is also compatible with PSE 11+. Seriously, you cannot go wrong with this. As will be clear from the image sample below, what was once an average photo, instantly became a portrait that you will find in some fashion magazine.

30 Photoshop Actions for Family Photographs

It is one thing to shoot a professional model who knows what works. It is another thing completely to shoot a family where kids are running around, adults are worried about make-up and dresses, and half the eyes are closed.

Even if you do manage to get a few good shots, everyone wants to look flawless. “Make my pimple go away!” is the universal cry.

All these hassles have one simple solution. At the PhotoWhoa store, you will find this set of 30 actions compatible with CS 3,4,5,6 and CC. All the 30 bundles work on both RAW and JPEG files, which means you have even more latitude to play with those shadows and highlights.

Image 3

Because this one is a huge package of 30 actions, you will always have something that fits perfectly with the image. From simple Sepia looks with rustic tone to a warm sunset-colored background with light skin tones – this package has everything you will want for your special family albums. Also, this deal to is for free! You cannot ask for more.

Free Photoshop Actions from Symufa

This free package developed by Symufa is a starter package for general photography. It will do well for portraits, landscapes and even street and product photography.

It is a set of 15 effects, and work essentially like filters you might find in your smartphone. Just download it for free from the PhotoWhoa website and begin using it for all your photos immediately.

photoshop actions

This set of PS actions works with CS3 to 6,CC and PS Elements 8 to 11. With a free set of creative actions, all of which give you results with just a click, there is no reason to not try them out.

Some of the actions are light and maintain the original colors and white balance of the image. Some other actions give you loads of tonal contrast and light leaks, which will give your images a vintage look. There are even actions that wash out your photo slightly or tweak hues such that even plain green grass becomes honey-golden.

Everyone wants gorgeous photos with just the right amount of pop or retro looks. If you are getting all of this for free, in one package, without any time limit, it is worth checking out.

Editing can be a real pain, especially if you have hundreds of images you need to process or you just can't seem to find the right tool and value quickly enough. Photoshop actions take care of all these hassles for you and provide you one-click results that combine many different editing steps.

At PhotoWhoa, you get these 3 amazing deals for free, which give you many different Adobe Photoshop CS6 actions with different steps and values in just one click. You can easily cycle through all the actions and see which one gives you the best results.

There may not be anything like a free lunch, but there are surely many free actions available for your photos which will get you hooked to photography!


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