Monotony, mood swings, and reduced motivation are some of the side effects of working within an office environment. It can reduce your work efficiency, output volume, and cause depression.

That is why it’s important to design your office in a way that makes the employees feel better. This will result in a better productivity as well as an increase in self-esteem and motivation.

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In this article, we suggest five things that don’t cost a lot of money and are easy to implement in your office. We believe any of these things can make your office much more fun place to be..

1.Get an Air Hockey Table

Air hockey table can motivate your mind and activate your body to a significant level. You can spare thirty minutes of your time to get the unlimited physical and psychological benefits.

Nervous Stimulation: Your Central Nervous System (CNS), which runs through the spinal cord, controls all the muscular, skeletal, neurological, and other physiological activities. Air hockey can reactivate the entire CNS from the tip of your head to the toes.

The game increases the reflexive action of your nerves and strengthens their stability. You can get protection from the probabilities of nervous problems due to continuous deskwork.

Healthy Body:Playing air hockey is the easiest and fastest way to lose weight and burn fat. You can build lean muscles and enhance your joints’ flexibility. Obesity will be a problem of the past as you slim and strengthen your muscles and bones.

Efficiency and fitness of cardiovascular, metabolic, and internal organs improve significantly.

Efficiency Improvement:You can improve employee productivity through team air hockey games and tournaments within your office. It improves their ability to focus on a single task consistently for hours without any signs of stress.

The game can also improve teamwork and motivate them to replace the attitude from the typical "I, me and myself" to "we & us". It is a great sign to indicate the personal and team growth in your organization.

Entertaining Event:Playing air hockey is a purely entertaining event. It helps your employees to forget stressful events and relax. It can motivate them to improve their performance levels every day. They take up the challenge of staying active and motivated throughout the day and evening.

Mindful-Serenity: Serenity is a state of mind in which an individual can take positive decisions based on rational and logical thinking.

Air hockey gives a deep sense of clarity to your employees about their individuality and the others with whom they play. Coordination and patience are the two typical characteristics, which improve their customer relationship management skills.

2.Grow Some Indoor Plants in the Office

Healthy Breathing: Indoor green plants can refresh the interior air and improve oxygen volume. They can also absorb the airborne contaminants and reduce the toxicity. Your lungs, heart, and cardiovascular organs get better in health condition.

Positive Thinking: Plants and trees are the closest elements of nature that bind with human psychology. They can absorb the negative vibrations emitted by the stressful mind and induce positive vibrations.

Your employees' motivation for performance improvement increases naturally. Plants can also improve your connectivity with the green world.

office fun interior design

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3.Put Some Nice Paintings on the Wall

Paintings improve the aesthetic and artistic appeals of your office interiors. Every artwork inspires an element of creativity in each employee in your office.

Office Décor: You don't have to paint your office walls with expensive colors. Use the rustic wall designs with expressive paintings.

Employee Motivation: The best practice is to identify the psyche of each employee and hang a corresponding painting in front of him/her. You can observe a remarkable improvement in the personal, professional, and social (read as teamwork) behavior of the employee.

4.Introduce Standing Desks

Physical Activity: Standing desks for working and eating can keep your employees on their toes. Their physical activity and muscular flexibility improve considerably.

They can overcome lethargy and learn to be constantly on the move. As you can see, they won’t stand still in one place working in such a posture. They keep shifting their body posture constantly. It also improves their agility.

Multi-tasking Ability: Standing posture helps your employees to improve multitasking ability. They can engage themselves in serious work without having to stress their mind and body. It is one way of improving the long-term physical stamina and endurance power.

5.Add Some Beanie Bags

Beanie bags are the best places for ultimate relaxation. People have a hidden desire to stretch their muscles and relax their body after a day of hard and stressful work.

Beanie bags can change their shapes according to the body contour of the individual perfectly. They also provide the best massaging effects to the spinal cord and lower back.


You can experience remarkable changes in the thinking and working habits of the employees after the installation of any or all of the features listed above.

Monotonous life becomes meaningful. Depression gets replaced with a deep desire to succeed in personal and professional life. Ultimately there will be the improvement in the overall productivity of your organization.


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