"Planet of the Poke Mon" is a parody artwork by Astor Alexander, a humorous and creative take on the classic Pokémon franchise, re-creating "Planet of the apes" movie poster. This unique take on the beloved Pokémon franchise will not only entertain long-time fans, but also bring a smile to the faces of those who are new to the series. 🙈

planet of the apes pokemon

The level of detail in this artwork is simply astonishing, with every Pokémon character brought to life in a way that's both stunning and sidesplitting, the position of the characters reminiscent of the original poster for "Planet of the Apes" (1968).

The art style is Raypunk, a mind-bending subgenre that takes us on a thrilling journey to worlds beyond our wildest imagination. It delves into surrealistic space scenarios, alternate dimensions, and mind-boggling technologies that defy everything we know about science. With its psychedelic visuals, twisted reality, and mysterious atmosphere, raypunk sets itself apart from other punk genres like steampunk and dieselpunk. It's a unique and vibrant genre that pushes the boundaries of our imagination and leaves us spellbound with its captivating art style.

Alexander's unique approach to this beloved franchises is a testament to his creative vision and artistic prowess.


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