At the last count, WordPress powered around 75 million of the world's websites. That's quite an impressive figure for something that started out life as just a blog platform! These days, WordPress has evolved into a CMS (content management system).

The chances are high that you will have come across a website at some point that is running WordPress. If you need to create a new site soon, here's why you need to consider WordPress to help you build it:

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WordPress is simple to set up

People often baulk at the prospect of setting up something complicated to run their site. The good news is that WordPress is perhaps the easiest CMS you'll ever configure!

The WordPress website even states that it takes just five minutes to set it up. Did you know it's often quicker to do so through many hosts? That's because they offer a "one-click" installation service. If you want to start a website from scratch, WordPress offers the easiest way to do so.

It lets you have a website and blog in one

Despite WordPress evolving into a fully-fledged CMS, it's still an excellent blog platform.

When it comes to sharing news with people, WordPress makes it easy for website owners. Now there is no longer a need to use two separate systems. Everything can get managed under one system.

You can change the style and layout of your site with ease

There was once a time where websites could only get updated by designers or those with HTML knowledge. One big selling point of WordPress is how easy it is to customise the design!

The CMS uses "themes" to skin the style and layout of any website. All one has to do is select a theme they like and apply it. It's as simple as that.

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There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes on offer. Of course, you also have the option to author your own bespoke theme too.

You can add extra features without paying a fortune

Out of the box, as it were, WordPress comes with an array of impressive features. Still, there will be times where you need to achieve something specific on your website.

With WordPress, you can install a plugin that helps you to reach that goal. From displaying Google Maps to integrating with other online systems, nothing is impossible! If you're a keen developer, you could even create your own plugins too. There's no denying that WordPress is both feature-rich and flexible.

Search engines love WordPress

Even in a "vanilla" WordPress installation, the CMS is SEO-friendly. That means you don't have to worry about not getting seen by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some plugins are also available to enhance a site's SEO capabilities.

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It's a secure CMS

Finally, I'd like to point out that WordPress is a secure content management system. A team of dedicated developers ensure all security issues and bugs get fixed. Plus, you can update your WordPress system by clicking a button. You don't need to download or have FTP knowledge!


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