It goes without saying that WordPress can be used to create some pretty amazing websites and blogs. After all, it's the world's most popular CMS for a reason! However, its reputation is mostly that of a content management system for small businesses, freelancers, and amateur hobbyists. It is probably due to its accessibility and ease of use.

The truth is that some of the world's leading brands and organizations have been known to use WordPress to create their websites or at least parts of them. You'd think that these multimillion-dollar conglomerates would hire dedicated teams of experienced web designers to create their sites. These kinds of teams cost money though, and while these companies can certainly afford them, smart CEOs know that saving money wherever you can is one of the keys to running a prosperous company. Why hire a team of programmers with high wage expectations to design a pretty website when WordPress with the FooGallery polaroid template allows you to take care of it at a fraction of the price?

websites created with wordpress

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Major business sites around the world have been created with the help of WordPress. Sounds unbelievable? Check out our list of the coolest websites developed with WordPress.

Katy Perry

One of the most famous singers in the world has resorted to using WordPress to design her official website. It's not a particularly complex site and mostly serves as a showcase of Katy's work, but it does have an e-commerce component, where users can purchase merchandise and physical versions of the superstar's albums.

BBC America

The American version of the British broadcasting giant was created entirely with WordPress! The CMS's extreme functionality appreciated by numerous bloggers did not go unnoticed by the people in charge of BBC's American branch. They've executed it perfectly, creating a very functional and visually appealing WordPress website that allows users to get to viewing BBC's TV content in a matter of a few clicks.


Mercedes-Benz cars have a reputation for being some of the most reliable and popular vehicles in the world. The fact that this company has used WordPress to create its website can serve as proof of the content management system's all-round functionality and versatility.

Sony Music

This publishing powerhouse implemented WordPress blog functionality to create a very informative and clear website showcasing Sony's roster of artists and announcements regarding recent releases and developments within the company.

Facebook Newsroom

With around 2.8 billion active users all around the world, it is safe to say that Facebook is the most frequently used social media platform in the history of the Internet. Even a hegemon such as Facebook needs to have a blog component, where the developers and content team can publish updates regarding the most recent developments on the platform. And there is no better software to use to create a blog than WordPress.

When browsing through Facebook Newsroom, you can also find posts about the company's CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives and other interesting facts and figures.

Bloomberg Professional Services

Aside from blogging, WordPress is also a great tool to create a user-friendly site that showcases a particular business’s services. With a neat design and a cool home page animation, Bloomberg Professional Services has managed to create one of the best WordPress sites around.


Even though NASA's main website is not powered by WordPress, the American space agency is a fan of this CMS and has used it to create a wide variety of sites that get hundreds of thousands of views every month, such as or In this case, WordPress has been used to produce large archive sites that compile data about the activity of the largest space agency not only in the United States, but in the entire world.

Flickr Blog

This photo-sharing site is another example of how WordPress has managed to create the best blog creation tool on all of the internet. Flickr uses WordPress to manage and update its blog, where you can find some fascinating posts and articles related to photography. They opted for a clean, minimalist design, where the art style does not take any focus away from the content.

The Bottom Line

The internet is packed with WordPress websites. Not too many people realize how much of an impact this open-source content management system has had on the online landscape. Some of the world's largest companies have opted for WordPress over other web technologies to set up their websites and blogs. Artists and labels alike resort to using it for showcasing their work. NASA has built entire archives using WordPress, and commercial giants such as Mercedes-Benz or Bloomberg used it to create home pages, focusing on user experience and ease of use.

Hopefully, these amazing sites created with WordPress will inspire you to implement some of its features on your own website and encourage you to explore the world of WordPress plugins and themes further.


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