When you are working as a photographer, there are many photoshoot ideas that you might want to try throughout your career. Because there are so many options, you might miss out on certain ideas because you likely do not have time. However, you should make time for a “stranger session” that allows you to work closely with your subjects. Continue reading to learn why Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY believes these photoshoots can be some of the most satisfying of your career.

What Is A Stranger Session?

Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY recommends that you do a “stranger session” at least once so that you can have the experience of working with people who do not know one another. A stranger session is a session where you bring together two people who do not know each other but pretend to be in love.

You can think of a stranger session like an engagement photo shoot, or you might consider a stranger session an anonymous photo shoot. You can pretend that you are working with a couple that was just engaged, and you can see how believable they will be. You may also shoot the photos as if you found a sweet couple who was so lovely they deserved to have those moments captured on film.

strange photography

You can set up stranger sessions with models or actors who might want to give this idea a try, or you may want to set up blind dates that act as stranger sessions. When you set up blind dates, remember that you must set up the entire date for both people. You are taking pictures of their interactions, and you might also give them direction as the shoot continues.

How Do You Give Direction?

Photographers need to learn how to give direction during their photoshoots. A photographer must understand how to pose their subjects properly without moving them or touching them. You also need to learn how to work with people that you have never met.

As you give direction during a stranger shoot, you will find that the two people speak a language you must learn. You can learn to acclimate yourself to what works for your subjects, and you will have a much smoother photoshoot as you continue snapping pictures.

How Do You Choose The Location?

You need to learn how to choose locations for all your photoshoots. When you are working with strangers for a new photoshoot, they do not have any input in the location. As a photographer, you must choose locations that make it easier for you to get good pictures. Many people are not sure of where to go or do not know the local area.

As you schedule strangers for your photoshoots, you might ask them where they would like to go. You might learn more about the local area, and you may learn of hidden gems that you had not visited before. If you have experience working in the area, you should bring your stranger models to a location that you know will make them look good. These people could become viral models in your photoshoot, and you must make them look amazing.

You Can Go Viral

You can go viral when you are publishing these photoshoots. A stranger session is often one of the best stories that you can share on your website or social media. Additionally, you can get picked up by news outlets that want to talk about your photoshoot. This is a good way to bring more attention to your business, and you can even post videos of the photoshoot that give viewers a "behind the scenes" look at how the shoot came together.

If you go viral, you will have more visitors to your website. You can sell more services to people who have just learned about your business, and you can expand your operation. You may serve a small area near your home, but you can travel further in the region if you have found more clients via the publication of your viral stranger session.

You Can Bring People Together

You can bring people together when you schedule a stranger session. You might help people meet who become loving couples, and you can make friends who will last a lifetime. You must decide what type of session you would like to have with each pair, and you may add a dating service to your business model. If you are setting people up on blind dates, that is a completely new revenue stream that you did not have before.

You may also want to reach out to local models and actors who might get to know one another. As you are networking in the industry, your models can also network in the industry. You are doing everyone a service that they cannot get anywhere else.

You Can Set Up Your Stranger Sessions Today

As a photographer, you can set up your stranger sessions today with a wide variety of models. You can work with these models to learn where they want to go, if they want to go on blind dates, or if they need more shots for their portfolios. It is very simple for you to schedule these sessions and add new revenue streams to your business that can bring couples together. Yes, you can become a new kind of dating service and hone your craft in the process.


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