Standing out in the market is important if you want your business to succeed. It’s fair to say that the market is oversaturated in every industry and this is partly due to globalization leaving businesses with countless competitors. So, you might open a company in your local city selling vacuum cleaner parts. That’s quite a niche market, and as such you might think you don’t have much of competition. On the contrary, though, there will be a store somewhere in the city that is selling vacuum parts among other items they stock. There will be stores selling vacuums for people who don’t want to repair and instead want to replace. Then, there will be stores online selling vacuum parts that can be delivered straight to the door of customers. And of course, there will be larger sites like Amazon and eBay with private sellers offering vacuum parts. So, even when selling to a niche market competition can be fierce.

How can you make your business stand out in this sea of competition and guarantee that customers buy? Well in cases like this it pays to be creative.

Finding The Right Name

Let’s start by making sure that your company has the right name that is creative and unique enough to stand out on the market. A name is important because the right brand name can actually say a lot about your brand or suggest certain ideas. An example of this would be Taylor and Hart. Now, That’s a name that is quite elegant and almost prestigious. It even suggests a bespoke design particularly when you learn that they are ring designers. The name Taylor even suggests the idea of some being ‘tailor made.’

creative business center architecture

Interestingly, this company until a few months ago was called Rare Pink. Whether the change in name has had any impact on success is entirely unknown. But it certainly shows how a name can change the perception of a business and ensure it stands out. We think you’ll agree that Rare Pink doesn’t inspire the same type of ideas about the company. In fact, one could argue that Taylor & Hart is an example of a brandable domain name. Brandable domain names are primed and designed for market success with names that are often unique and creative. As such, it might be in your best interest to invest in one if you want your business to stand out.

Web Design

The website is always going to be the heart of your company, so you want to make sure that it stands out on the market with a unique and awesome design. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that they can save money and make things simple by using a template design. Sometimes, they even alter the template to make it a little more unique.

What you should be doing is investing in the services of a website designer. They’ll be able to make sure the landing page of your company looks truly unique online. As such, there will be no chance of customers getting it confused with anywhere else. It will hold a unique place in their mind and ensure that they always keep coming back to it. It’s worth looking at some of the creative ways you can make a website stand out such as animations on the landing page. Many businesses have found this is a great way to get the customer’s attention as soon as they click on.

Guerilla Marketing

You should also look into the possibility of guerilla marketing. Guerilla marketing is a way of turning marketing into a spectacle. In doing this, they feel connected to your business and don’t forget, it will also probably earn you some media attention. However, for this to work you need a, you guessed it, creative angle for the marketing. Again, it has to stand out, and there are plenty of possibilities here. If we’re looking at offline marketing possibilities, you might want to consider, floor advertisements. People hardly ever take full advantage of the floor, but this is a great way to promote products in a way that is fresh and different.

guerilla marketing advertising

Using some of these creative and unique ideas, you will easily be able to make sure your business stands out on the market and that you attract great levels of interest from customers. One final tip would be to make sure that you always look for a fresh, clever angle when releasing content online. Ideally, you want to market to customers without them even realizing it.


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