There is no question to this anymore. There really is a need to promote your website if it is to get the traffic that you want. However, many of the current ways of promoting, although effective, are quite boring, especially after you've been doing them for quite some time. Creating content around specific (and repetitive) keywords is going to be fun at first, but it will start to lose its shine when you are already on your fourth or fifth article. Creating ads through Google Ads really delivers, but the platform through which you do the job can look uninteresting, with its basic graphics and quite dull colors.

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Good thing that there are other ways of advertising that tap into your more artistic side. They will really keep your creative juices flowing, keeping you entertained and stimulated during the process. Read on to find out what these promotional strategies are.

Creation of Youtube Videos

Let’s do a little exercise first. Go to Google, type in “Nike LeBron 16”, and then hit Enter. On the first page of the search results, you will immediately see that the Youtube videos created about these Lebron James basketball shoes are on top. This quite straightforwardly shows just how powerful videos are when it comes to SEO. Couple that with the popularity of Youtube as a platform and you will have a very good tool for your creative online promotions.

With this, it’s clear that you don’t really have to limit yourself to just writing articles. Pick up the camera and start recording stuff. Your initial videos can just be of you talking about your topic, and you can progress to creating more complex ones that make use of advanced effects. Of course, do not forget to put a link to your website in the description box for your videos.

If your videos really are good, you will realize that a lot of other content creators will start citing you on their pages. This is good, and this distributes a lot of your links all over the web. But take note that you are not supposed to just leave your links alone. There is a need for you to monitor them and make sure that they are up to date. To clean citations up on a regular basis is going to cost you some money, that’s for sure. But it will be an investment that you won’t regret.

Use of Infographics

People who browse online pages for information don’t really have the time to read through really long texts. If you have important things to say, be sure that they are delivered in very concise ways.

Shorter articles have bigger chances of being read, but they are still no match for well-designed infographics. We are visual beings, so the moment we see bright colors and fun shapes, our attention is immediately drawn to them. Because of this, you really shouldn’t think twice about creating infographics for your website. Not only will these elements increase your visibility online, they will also make your page a lot more interesting.

Promoting your online pages does not have to be a dull task. You can incorporate your creativity in the whole process. In fact, we think that you should really do so because that will make the whole task more worthwhile for you. And success comes easy to those who enjoy what they do.


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