Your website is the face of your company, brand, or image on the World Wide Web. Therefore, you want it to strike a good first impression.

Because of the effectiveness of digital marketing, so many people have now turned to this medium to market their products and services, or even to start a profitable hobby, like blogging. They have great ideas and want to share them with the world, but not all of them know how to actually make their websites a hit

NIke Design Concept

Nike Design Concept by allievisual

In the competitive digital marketplace today, it's not enough to just have a website. It has to be tailored so well in order to be effective at achieving your business goals. This is where tips when designing your website will come in handy. Some of these are:

1. Make Your Website SEO-Friendly

One important tip when building your website is to ensure that you abide by the SEO standards. When this encompasses virtually all of the techniques to make your website rank better with search engines, all the more that it should be a priority consideration for your web design team.

SEO is all about creating and following a strategy for your web pages. There are many free tools available on the Internet that'll help you in optimizing your site for better search engine rankings. But, if you're still a beginner on SEO, it's rather recommended that you take in the services of a professional SEO agency. That way, you can be absolutely sure that all of the techniques you employ are all geared towards success.

Here are some of these SEO strategies:

  • Keep your website's structure clear and fuss-free
  • Create a URL address that's relevant and brief, but also descriptive
  • Don't forget ALT tags for all of your images
  • Use the right keywords
  • Group your text with different anchors, headings, and subheadings.

Take a look at the site here to have more insights on SEO and mapping your website to improve its efficiency.

2. Don't Take Content For Granted

When it comes to building a quality website, many people overlook one of the most important aspects: content. Nowadays, it's through the Internet that people search for information, especially when they're looking for a particular product or service.

When you place your focus on search engines, content has to be top priority. After all, this is the beef of what your website will hold. If your content is poor, all the effort you place into creating your website will only be futile.

First off, consider what type of information is valuable to your visitors. Offer content that's written well and informative. If you don't have expertise along this line, you can always seek the services of professional agencies. By determining what your site's purpose is, you'll know the type of content you should include. This is one way to ensure that your website will hold value to your audience.

3. Insert A Portion For Active Discussion

As you build your website, include a portion that encourages active discussion. For instance, you can insert a forum, feedback, or comments section. This can help build an active community of followers on your website.

Also, have a clear contact page, where your website visitors will automatically know how to reach you. This contact page should also include links to your social media accounts.

By doing these, you can develop good relationships with your audience. This would then mean that your website has served its purpose well; steady inflow of traffic now visits your site.

4. Choose A Good Domain Name

There's no way that your website will be found on the web if it doesn't have an address. This address is the domain name. It's the entry point to your website, so you have to get this right. Choosing the right domain name should be done carefully as you want to avoid any problems later on.

To ensure that you'll come up with an optimal domain name, here are some tips you can apply:

  • Make it easy to spell. Don't use words that are uncommon or too long.
  • Stay away from hyphens and numbers. As much as possible, retain only letters in your domain name. If you include numbers and hyphens, these will only make your domain name look messy and difficult to remember.
  • It should be easy to remember. A good domain name is one that's easy to recall. With so many websites on the Internet, a good way to be remembered is to have a domain name with very easy recall on people's memories.

5. Strive To Make It User-Friendly

Not all people on the Internet today are experts with gadgets and technology. Some may still be finding their way across the Internet. If you want to cater to a wide audience, it's very important that you're reachable to this market.

A good way to achieve that is through designing your site to be fuss-free, simple, and user-friendly.

design creative website

Minimal Ecommerce Website Design UI by AR Shakir

Building a user-friendly website will require a lot of thought, but all these efforts will be worth it when you get to enjoy the following results:

  • It brings increased activity on your website. When your website is user-friendly, you're not only engaging visitors, but you're also converting them into potential clients. It encourages your website's visitors to reach the end line of the buyers' journey and make a purchase because they know their way around your website.
  • It's one of the best ways to market your brand. In today's age of technology, digital marketing has easily risen as the best way to market products and services. A website that's easy to use will yield to fruitful results because Internet users will be drawn towards your site.
  • It may help you save on future costs. When your website is easy to use, profits will increase. This means that, eventually, you may have to spend less on marketing efforts as you no longer have to be as aggressive. Your website, in itself, is already a sound marketing strategy.

6. Keep A Minimalistic Homepage

Your home page is the very first thing seen by your visitors upon landing on your website. Right at the get-go, you'll want to give them a pleasant experience. This can be achieved by having a fuss-free, clutter-free, and minimalistic website. Otherwise, you may only shock them with all the graphics and colors that they'll immediately close your website.

Here's how you can achieve a more inviting homepage:

  • Make sure your headlines are immediately apparent. Your latest content will typically fall on the homepage. Your visitors should understand right away what types of content your website has, without having to scroll and look for it.
  • Add images. Images are useful to break up content and separate them. A homepage that's too text-heavy also won't look pleasant. Digitally-made graphics, infographics, vectors, photographs, and other forms of media are nice to have on your home page. You just have to make sure that you don't overcrowd your homepage with too many images, else, it'll start to look cluttered again.


Whatever kind of business you have, big or small, it's always beneficial to have a website up-and-running. In today's digital age, you're going to drown further behind the competition if you don't have a website that's well-made. Your website is like your flagship store or office in the face of the World Wide Web. If you don't have one already, these tips can lead you towards building a good and effective website.


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